Message from the President Regarding the Corona Virus – Specific Information on the Winter Semester 2021/22


Corona Pandemic Update

Message from the President Regarding the Corona Virus – Specific Information on the Winter Semester 2021/22

Dear students and colleagues,

please note the following regulations and guidelines for the upcoming winter semester, which apply on the entire campus of Hochschule Geisenheim University (HGU):

  • In all courses and building, the so-called 3G rule applies (vaccinated, recovered, tested). We expect everyone on campus to comply with these rules.
  • For more information on approved testing centers, please go to Further information for students is available at
  • We will ensure compliance with the 3G rule by carrying out regluar spot checks. If students fail to present proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test result, they will be banned from the building.  All staff members who carry out 3G checks are authorized to deny access to buildings or expel students from buildings if they do not comply with the 3G rule. 
  • In general, compliance will be checked by Occupational Safety and Healthcare Management. Teaching staff may also carry out checks if necessary (e.g. in seminars, lab session, practical excercises etc.). The authority to ban students from buildings in case of non-compliance is also conferred to teaching staff.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory in all buildings and during courses because we will use 50% of the seating capacities, which means that the required minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be kept.
  • Teaching staff is permitted to remove the mask if they remain in the front area of the lecture hall and keep minimum distance of 1.5 m.
  • In classes where the minimum distance can be observed at all times and all students are checked for compliance with the 3G rule (i.e. everyone is either fully vaccinated, recovered or tested), face masks can be taken off.
  • Students are required to use the LUCA app for digital contact tracing when they attend a course.
  • If only vaccinated and recovered staff members are present in an office/meeting, etc., they do not have to wear a face mask or keep a distance as long as no unvaccinated people are present.
  • The CovPass App is an easy digital solution to present and check digital vaccination records. The app can be downloaded on mobile devices free of charge
  • The cafeteria reopens on October 18, 2021. As the cafeteria might have specific corona regulations, please check the notice boards for more information

Hoping that the winter semester will be more fun and bring us back on campus, and that everyone stays healthy.

Kind regards

Hans R. Schultz


Please contact Occupational Safety and Healthcare Management immediately if you have tested positive for COVID-19

If a member of your household or a close contact has tested positive, please call or send an email to Corona(at) to discuss the next steps. Please do not access the campus before the issue has been discussed.

Corona(at) / +49 6722 502 285
(Occupational Safety & Healthcare Management))

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Hannah Schmidt-Weis
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