Academic Graduation Ceremony 2023: Congratulations to 162 Graduates

162 students graduated with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the graduation ceremony marking the end of the summer semester 2023. The ceremony was held on Friday, July 28, in the Laiendormitorium of Kloser Eberbach. Three former doctoral students were also presented with their doctoral degrees. The ceremony was presented by Prof. Dr. Mirjam Hey, Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs, who also honored Prof. Dr. Joachim Schmid, who had retired this spring after more than 30 years with the Department of Grapevine Breeding.

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Following the opening address, the graduates shared their personal experiences in a series of entertaining speeches. “Our graduation marks more than just an important chapter in our careers; it is an important milestone in our personal development”, said Caroline Ebert und Annika Uebe, representing the B.Sc. program Internationale Weinwirtschaft. Their fellow student from the English-speaking equivalent International Wine Business (B.Sc.), Ivana Garvanski, added: “Not only have we gained practical knowledge, but we have also made deep friendships that may last a lifetime.” Or, as Julian Mihelic from the B.Sc. Food Chain Management program said: “We will surely miss Geisenheim.“

“You have learned to work with discipline, think critically, solve problems and tackle challenges. You have learned to work as part of a team, to communicate, and to appreciate other perspectives. You have shown strength and perseverance in your education”, emphasized Prof. Hey. “These skills are crucial and you will need them for your future career and in life. Because we will always have to face new challenges in the future - and you have studied the right program for that.”

She also brought some greetings from University President Prof. Dr. Hans Reiner Schultz, who, to his own regret, was not able to attend the ceremony for the first time since the university was established: “Wherever you go, I wish you the necessary luck, without which nothing really works, constant curiosity, enthusiasm, and the will to continue learning and adapting to constant change.”

Roger Baumeister, Vice-President of the Geisenheim Alumni Association, congratulated the graduates on behalf of the more than 3,100 members of the association: “We, as Geisenheim graduates, are very proud of our expertise, our degree and our international network. Congratulations on your academic degree, and all the best for your personal and professional future.”

As part of the program, Hochschule Geisenheim University officially bid farewell to Prof. Dr. Joachim Schmid, who had retired at the end of March. In his speech, he remembered how he had received his graduation certificate from the university 41 years ago. In 1990, he started to work at the Department of Grapevine Breeding, which was part of the former Geisenheim Research Institution. In 2012, he became an honorary professor.

Hochschule Geisenheim University honors three junior scientists

During the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Annette Reineke, Vice-President of Research, also presented Cécil Kahn, Elisabeth Obermair and Fabian Mengel with their doctoral certificates. Over the past few months, the three junior scientists have successfully completed their doctoral studies at Hochschule Geisenheim University.

Elisabeth Obermair wrote her dissertation on “Logistics challenges in omni-channel grocery retailing“. Her supervisor was Prof. Dr. Andreas Holzapfel, Professor for Logistics Management  and head of the B.Sc. Food Chain Management program. Her co-supervisor was Prof. Heinrich Kuhn from the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. In his dissertation entitled „Kosten- und Margenstrukturen von Weingütern“, Fabian Mengel studied the cost and margin structures of wineries. He was supervised by Prof. Dr. Andreas Kurth, Professor for Business Operation. His co-supervisor was Prof. Dr. Detlev Möller from the University of Kassel. Cécil Kahn successfully completed her doctoral studies in a cotutelle procedure between Hochschule Geisenheim University and the University of Bordeaux. Her supervisors were Prof. Dr. Manfred Stoll, Head of the Department of General and Organic Viticulture, and Éric Gomès who represented the French university. Her dissertation is entitled: “Study of the impact of atmospheric CO2 level on grapevine leaf physiology, berry maturation and composition at harvest, using a FACE (Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment) system“.

More than 30 junior scientists have completed their doctoral degrees since the university was established in 2013. Currently, 81 doctoral students are pursuing their degrees.


Vice-President of Academic & Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Mirjam Hey
VEG Vice-President Roger Baumeister
Julian Mihelic, graduate of the B.Sc. Food Chain Management program
Jule Schlimmer and Frederik Emmerich representing the B.Sc. Horticulture program
Lina van Loon (r.) and Sabrina Köpke from the B.Sc. Landscape Architecture program
Representing M.Sc. Landscape Architecture: Lena Hörsch (r.) and Anna Patscheider
Christian Schneider (l.) and Patrick Brandes from the B.Sc. Beverage Technology program
Lars Eisel (l.) and Mathias Starina from the M.Sc. Beverage Technology program
Caroline Ebert (l.) and Annika Uebe (B.Sc. Internationale Weinwirtschaft)
Ivana Garvanski (B.Sc. International Wine Business)
Elena Simon, B.Sc. Viticulture and Enology
Prof. Dr. Joachim Schmid received a farewell present from Prof. Dr. Mirjam Hey
Cécil Kahn with Vice-President of Research Prof. Dr. Annette Reineke
Fabian Mengel was presented with his doctoral certificate
Elisabeth Obermair and Prof. Dr. Annette Reineke