Exchange (Email, Calender, Contacts)

The Geisenheim University IT center runs a Microsoft Exchange Server as a groupware solution for the staff and lecturers of Geisenheim University. This includes email boxes as well as common calendar functions and a university-wide address book.

Important information is often sent via email, so we strongly recommend that you check the email account regularly.

To use this service you’ll require an activated HSGM-Account.

In order to take advantage of all functions we recommend the use of an up-to-date Microsoft Outlook version.


How can I access my emails ?

Webmail (Outlook Web App)

The simplest way to access your email account is via Webmail. Using a browser (MS Internet Explore, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.) go to the following page:

This opens the log-in page of the Outlook Web App. Here you can log-in using your HSGM-Account. The Outlook Web App allows you to retrieve incoming emails, organize your contacts and appointments and write emails with your student email address as sender address.


Email-Client (PC, Smartphone)

The email account can also be accessed using standard mail clients (MS Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.). The following protocols are supported:


Exchange ActiveSync:
Server name: 
User name: hs-gm\"Ihr HSGM-Account"

Server name: 
User name: hs-gm\"Ihr HSGM-Account"
IMAP Port: 143
IMAPS Port: 993 (SSL)

Server name: 
User name: hs-gm\"Ihr HSGM-Account"
SMTP Port: 587

alternatively, but not recommended:
Server name: 
User name: hs-gm\"Ihr HSGM-Account"
POP3 Port: 110
POP3S Port: 995 (SSL)

How can I forward emails to my private email account?

If you’d like to redirect emails to a private email address you can set up email forwarding at (only possible with Internet Explorer within the HGU):

Here you can log in with your HS-GM Account. Click “Eigenes Profil bearbeiten(Customize my Profile), then under Email Forwarding enter the email address to which incoming emails should be forwarded. Once you have confirmed by clicking OK, all emails sent to your student email address will be redirected to the chosen address. From now on no more emails will be delivered to the inbox of your student email account.

Please make sure that you enter the correct address, otherwise any emails sent to your student email address may be irrevocably lost.


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