Start-up Network

Offers for Start-ups

Use the start-up network of IHK Wiesbaden

Hochschule Geisenheim University is part of the start-up network of IHK Wiesbaden. The network’s goal is to improve the framework for start-ups in the Wiebaden/Rheingau-Taunus region and to initiate platforms enabling exchanges and discussions between start-ups, institutions, and companies. It can also be used as a network to exchange information about existing offers from partners for “classic start-ups”.

You, the students and alumni of Hochschule Geisenheim University, can benefit from the  versatile offers of this network:

  • Startup Open-Day: here, people with innovative and growth-oriented business ideas have the opportunity to receive feedback from an experienced start-up expert and an IHK foundation consultant. This Open-Day takes place once a month in the IHK Wiesbaden and every four months, following the Entreprneurs’ Breakfast  in the Heimathafen Wiesbaden.
  • Personal consultation (founding, business management, crises, followup)
  • Creating a business plan with the Gründungswerkstatt Südhessen.
  • FoundersDay in the IHK Wiesbaden on every other Monday from 9am-5pm
  • ExpertOpen-Days (45-minute individual appointments): tax consultancy for entrepreneurs, Open-Day for marketing and sales, Open-Day for corporation follow-up, start-up Open-Day, Open-Day concerning patents, RKW-Open-Day, finance Open-Day
  • Consultation concerning legal forms
  • Consultation concerning financing and public funding
  • Events (workshops, seminars, promotional days, foundersfestivals/founders-prizes)
  • Mentoringprogram of the IHK Wiesbaden

Other members of this network are Hochschule Fresenius, European Business School (EBS), Hochschule RheinMain, Business Angels Frankfurt and heimathafen Wiesbaden (co-working space and much more).