University Didactics and eLearning


Asynchronous Teaching on the Green Campus – Interactive Introduction into Complex Subjects

In a digital coffee session organized by the digLL network on July 13, 2021, teaching staff of Hochschule Geisenheim University presented the projects “G-lernt” and “Planty2learn” that use interactive teaching and learning strategies to promote students' skills and knowledge in a wide range of areas.

The project“G-lernt was presented by Benjamin Spehle, Content Developer in the eLearning Department and Research Assistant in the Department of Modeling and System Analysis. He developed different modules about R programming using the authoring tool LernBar and integrated them into ILIAS. Prof. Dr. Kahlen will use the modules as part of the lecture “Introduction to System Modeling”.

The study modules combine theory with practical applications. Students will work on R scripts independently within the authoring tool LernBar and see the effects of the respective codings. The study modules are followed by quizzes to consolidate students’ knowledge. This format provides an easy introduction to programming because installing R is not required and students can complete the modules irrespective of time and place and at their own pace, which is particularly helpful for students with no or little prior experience.

For questions or further information, please contact Benjamin Spehle and Prof. Dr. Katrin Kahlen.

PLANTY2Learn was created in cooperation with the s.o.l.i.d Team of Goethe University Frankfurt. It is an interactive learning platform that provides scientific information on ornamental and agricultural plants and shrubs. PLANTY2Learn combines the benefits of a traditional learning platform with interactive and application-oriented elements, such as fact sheets, audio recordings and quizzes.

The project was presented by Prof. Dr. Joachim Schmid  and Nora Brockmann from the Department of Grapevine Breeding who already used the tool in the summer semester of 2021. Both will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the tool.

For further information about PLANTY2Learn, watch our short intro (in German).