Partner Institutions

Hochschule Geisenheim University is linked to colleges and universities worldwide through partnership agreements and exchange agreements. As a student at Hochschule Geisenheim University, you have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad without paying tuition fees or to carry out a research project or your thesis at a partner institution.

Professors, lecturers and scientists at Hochschule Geisenheim University have many contacts, networks, research projects and collaborations with colleagues abroad - please speak to your lecturer or programme director about the possibilities of a stay abroad!


[Translate to English:] Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (CZE)
[Translate to English:] Mendelhaus at BOKU in Vienna (AUT)
[Translate to English:] Campus La Gaillarde in Montpellier (FRA)
[Translate to English:] NMBU campus in Ås (NOR)

List of partner institutions


The following list gives you an overview of the language requirements, suitable subjects and semester times at our partner universities. In addition, you will find further links for country-specific information on suitable scholarships or travel and safety information. The list itself is currently under construction. Missing information will be added over time.

Our co-operation with universities is constantly being expanded! Please contact the International Office if you cannot (yet) find your favourite university on the list of partner universities.

The partnerships listed are primarily for the degree programmes mentioned, but it may also be possible for students from other degree programmes to be nominated by the International Office after consultation with the desired university.

Degree programs

GB Horticulture, Crop and Horticultural Science
GT Beverage Technology
IWW/IWB International Wine Business
LA Landscape Architecture
LS Food Safety
LL Food Chain Management
WB Enology


Agricultural University of Tirana

Agricultural University of Tirana

Course language(s): Albanian
Suitable for: LA,WB
Study programs (e.g.): -
Academic year: August - December (winter semester), March - July (summer semester)
Special notes: Due to the special language requirements, this university is only suitable for a semester abroad to a limited extent and is more recommended for final theses or internships.
Location:Sheshi Nënë Tereza 4, Tiranë 1010, Albanien

Country information

Further information on Albania as a study destination can be found on the DAAD website.

Information on travel and safety advice can be found at the German Foreign Office.

Click here for information on the ERASMUS+ program.