Hochschule Geisenheim University

Facts & Figures

Number of Students

Eine Dozentin hält ein Prüfgerät in der Hand und erklärt es den umstehenden Studierenden, daneben liegen Tomaten © Hochschule Geisenheim / ppsstudios.com

Total number of students: 1,718

– first-semester students: 366 (21%)
– number of female students: 763 (44%)
– international students: 216 (13%)

Number of degree programs: 18 (8 Bachelor's programs and 10 Master's programs)

(Last updated: winter semester 2022/23)


Total number of staff: 553

– Professors (including adjunct and honorary professors): 45
– Scientific staff: 117
– Administrative & technical staff: 367
– Trainees: 24

Student-teacher ratio: 48 students per professor

(Last updated: December 01, 2022)

Research & Knowledge Transfer

Eine rothaarige Studierende im Laborkittel schaut durch ein Mikroskop © Hochschule Geisenheim / ppsstudios.com

About 50 ongoing externally-funded projects

Approximately 75% of all externally-funded projects are carried out in cooperation with industry partners

5 research focal points cover the entire value value chain of special crops

Number of doctoral students: 81 (49.4% of them women)

Completed doctorates since the university was founded: 33

                                                       (Last updated: December 01, 2022)


About 160 cooperations with partner universities and research institutions worldwide

216 international students in the winter semester 2022/23 from over 50 different nations

Number of Erasmus+ mobilities in 2022 (outgoings + incomings): 156

Top ranking in the HSI monitor, e.g.:

1st place (2020): percentage of outgoing Erasmus interns
1st place (2021): total number of international cooperations (non-including Erasmus)
2nd place (2021): percentage of foreign students pursuing a doctoral degree

Campus & Infrastructure

Die Gewächshäuser und Forschungsflächen der Hochschule Geisenheim. © Winfried Schönbach

Our buildings and facilities cover an area of 36,215 m2

8,471 m2 of that area are used for greenhouses

Total cultivation and research area: 56.5 ha:

36 ha viticulture and grapevine breeding
1.9 ha vegetable crops
13.6 ha fruit crops
5 ha parks

Data information

1 Students: non-including students on leave of absence, non-including enrolled doctoral students, including second degree, only first degree is counted
2 Student-teacher ratio: students per professor in full-time equivalents, only full-time staff, non-including externally-funded staff
3 Cluster 'small institutions with up to 5,000 students'; project "HSI-Monitor - Profildaten zur Hochschulinternationalität"