"New Media" Project

The Elective-Compulsory Module: "New Media" Project

If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.

"New media" are constantly changing over the course of time. When new media emerge, they are initially considered state of the art, but quickly become "old news".

Module objectives:  After successfully completing the module, students are able to create current digital media formats in the field of social media in a team and project-oriented manner (content creation, story telling).
Semesters: 1st and 2nd semester
Language: German or English
Module offered in: winter semester
Duration: 1 semester
Degree programs: Viticulture and Enology, Beverage Technology  (optional module) - International Wine Business (elective-compulsory module)
Format: 2 SWS practical exercises
Workload: total hours: 90, mandatory presence in class 30 hours, private studies 60 hours
ECTS credits: 3
Module examination: presentations (according to 3.3.4 ( 2) ABPO), required attendance: at least 80%
Calculation of the module grade:  The grade obtained in the examination will account for 100% of the module grade. The grading system and the calculation of the final grade are described in clause 3.6 ABPO in conjunction with clause 3.6 BBPO.

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StudIP registration: https://studip.hs-gm.de - Course "New Media" Project (Projekt Neue Medien). Registration period: October 16 - October 21, 2023

  • Frank Schulz: (only in english language and only for IWWB/IWB students) video project "How was your perception of '(Wines of) Germany' before you arrived @Geisenheim - and how is it now?"      
  • Martin Seidler: Hosting and Presentation - practical insights into working in TV
  • Wolfgang Junglas: Storytelling in Social Media


Martin Seidler TV host


Wolfgang Junglas, journalist and TV professional




Frank Schulz, Head of Communication Wines of Germany



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