Research Platform

Research Platform

Hochschule Geisenheim University's Research Platform

[Translate to English:] Portalseite der Forschung

We have been continously working on establishing an open research platform for our "Forschungsinformationssystem" (research information system) since January 15, 2018, with the initial aim of presenting Hochschule Geisenheim University's researchers and their projects and publications. 

The data comes from the research information system which collects and stores all information concerning the university's research activities.

The following research data is stored in the system:

  • Publications
  • Research projects
  • PhDs
  • Talks
  • Other activities

Our goal is the: 

  • Collection of decentralized research information in one integrated research information system. 
  • Simplification of data collection and management by collecting data from different IT systems and digital sources (e.g. literature data bases). 
  • Harmonization of research related databy integrating national and international standardization processes (core data of the science council).  
  • Raising public awareness and visibility of Hochschule Geisenheim University's research profile among scientists and the public.

Hochschule Geisenheim University's research information system will be of benefit to our scientists as well as our research administration.



Hessen Research Information System (HeFIS) Association

The association's goal is the coordinated collection, introduction, use and development of research information systems (FIS) at 10 Hessen Universities.

A personalized research information system is implemented at every university, while within the association, synergies are used and coordinated, for example by establishing a mutual basic data model. 

HeFIS is the first cooperation of research-based universities in Germany, aimed at communicating research and development activities to the universities and to the broader public.