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It is our responsibility as a university to carry out applied and fundamental research – and this includes research in the areas of viticulture and enology.

Our winery project thus pursues a strategy of implementing these objectives using application-oriented approaches, while giving due consideration to traditional wine-making methods and following the principle that quality originates in the vineyard and any outside influence during the “winemaking” process should be kept to an absolute minimum.


On the following pages we’d like to give you a brief glimpse of the diversity of our wines, which, due to the trans-regional nature of our research activities, include an interesting range of different vine species.

Apart from the vine species and other factors, it is also the location that is largely responsible for the quality of the grapes, so in the section “Vineyard Sites” you’ll discover more about our “Terroir”.

You’ll find us in our winery shop, but we also attend a whole range of events – we’d love to see you there some time.

Our Wines

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And also by appointment.

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Oliver Weis
Oliver Weis
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