Department of Agricultural Engineering

Department of Agricultural Engineering

The Department of Agricultural Engineering, founded in 1951, develops process engineering solutions and machines for special crops in the areas of viticulture, vegetable cultivation and fruit production. The design, construction and evaluation of technical systems for practical application is carried out using scientific methods, with due regard for sustainability and the conservation of resources.

Our basic tasks consist of research into the applicability, handling and development of future technical operating equipment.

In the field of crop protection application technology, in addition to standard technologies, we carry out scientific assessments of modern recycling equipment and multicopters for the application of crop protection products. We examine technical procedures for the cultivation of steep slope vineyards, which enables us to draw conclusions about sustainable management practices in the areas of occupational safety, working hours and full costs.  To ensure compliance with statutory requirements we pay particular attention to documentation and traceability in primary production.  The use of renewable energies in wine-, vegetable- and fruit-producing operations is a contemporary development which is supported by application-oriented scientific work.

In the research field of electronics and robotics for viticulture and horticulture our department develops and builds prototypes for the cultivation of special crop areas.

Head of Department

Dimitrios Paraforos
Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Paraforos
Building 6003
Room 4
Phone +49 6722 502 362
Dimitrios.Paraforos(at) Details

Deputy Head of Department

Nikolaos Tsoulias
Dr. Nikolaos Tsoulias
Building 6003
Room 213
Phone +49 6722 502 371
Nikolaos.Tsoulias(at) Details

Department Assistant

Sandra Engelmann
Sandra Engelmann
Building 6003
Room 3
Phone +49 6722 502 361
Sandra.Engelmann(at) Details