Studying in Geisenheim

Design your future in Tomorrow's World

Do you enjoy dealing with food and beverages? Are you fascinated by nature and the environment? Would you like to make a career out of your passion? Hochschule Geisenheim University can offer you a degree course to fit!

The university is renowned worldwide for the quality of its degree programs, and our graduates are in great demand due to their practice-oriented professional qualifications. Students at the university work alongside research scientists dealing with the questions of the present and the future:

  • How is climate change affecting viticulture and horticulture?
  • How can we ensure the safety of our food and beverage produce?
  • How can city life be enhanced using urban greening methods?
  • How can an optimal use of resources such as water, land and food improve critical situations worldwide?
  • What do sustainable nature presevation concepts look like?

What can you expect from our Bachelor Degree Programs?

  • A cozy atmosphere on a green campus situated between the river Rhine and the vineyards of the Rheingau.
  • A close relationship between students and teaching staff.
  • Fellow students from over fifty nations.
  • And the most important thing: excellent career prospects after graduation.
Zwei Männer stehen rechts und links von einer Drohne mit über vier Metern Durchmesser. © Hochschschule Geisenheim
Eine rothaarige Studierende im Laborkittel schaut durch ein Mikroskop © Hochschule Geisenheim /
Ein junger Mann mit professioneller Ausstattung klettert in einen Baum. © Hochschschule Geisenheim
Bildschirmfoto einer modellierten Gurkenpflanze. © Hochschschule Geisenheim

How does the University prepare you for a career in the Wine & Beverage Business, in Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Logistics or Food Safety?

  • Practice-oriented programs: projects, practical exercises, and excursions play a major part in many courses.
  • You will be learning and working in well-equipped laboratories and large research areas.
  • You will profit from, and will be encouraged to apply, current scientific expertise in order to solve problems independently.
  • Key skills will be an important part of your classes. You will learn to manage projects successfully, and will even be equipped with new (technical) foreign languages.
  • You will be part of a network of over 140 partner institutions, more than 1,000  cooperating companies and a 3,000-strong alumni organisiation all over the world.
Ein junger Mann in Gummistiefeln liest im Weinberg Trauben. © Hochschschule Geisenheim
Eine junge Frau im weißen Laborkittel zupft einzelne Johnnisbeeren von einer Rispe. © Hochschschule Geisenheim
Ein junger Mann beurteilt einen Wein sensorisch. Das Licht im Raum ist rot. © Hochschschule Geisenheim
Eine Gruppe Studierender macht Vermessungsübungen in einem Park. © Hochschschule Geisenheim
How much does it cost to study in Geisenheim?

Hochschule Geisenheim University is the 13th state university in Hessen, and as a state university, does not charge tuition fees for all Bachelor and most Master programs. Students only pay a semester fee every six months.


Semester Fee

Winter Semester 2019/20

Semester fee: 314,87 Euro

The semester fee contains the following fees:

Student Body Fee 18,00 Euro
Studentenwerk Contribution 71,00 Euro
Ferry service (Ingelheim – Oestrich-Winkel) 10,61Euro
Ferry service Bingen-Rüdesheimer 15,90Euro
RMV-Ticket 123,39 Euro
RNN-Ticket 25,47 Euro
Liability Insurance 0,50 Euro
Administrative Cost Contribution 50,00 Euro

Please transfer the amount to the following account, quoting your Student ID Number (Matrikelnummer):

Rheingauer Volksbank eG
Recipient (Empfänger): Hochschule Geisenheim
IBAN: DE22 5109 1500 0000 6060 90

Previous semester fee:

Summer Semester 2019
Semester fee: 314,62 Euro

The semester fee contained the following fees:

Student Body Fee 20,00 Euro
Studentenwerk Contribution 71,00 Euro
Ferry service (Ingelheim – Oestrich-Winkel) 10,00 Euro
Ferry service Bingen-Rüdesheimer 15,00 Euro
RMV-Ticket 123,39 Euro
RNN-Ticket 24,73 Euro
Liability Insurance 0,50 Euro
Administrative Cost Contribution 50,00 Euro

Please find below the semester fees for the previous semesters:

WS 2018/19     SS 2018  

Further information about semester fees and reimbursement of semester tickets can be found on the pages of the Admissions Office.


Geisenheim Student Committee's Mentoring Program

Starting your studies in a new place can be confusing to begin with, and in order to help our new students have as smooth a start as possible at Hochschule Geisenheim University, the Student Committee (AStA) offers a mentoring program. First-semester students can register for this and get help from current student mentors even before beginning their studies.

Experienced students can give you tips and insider-knowledge, about studying, the Mensa, the university sport program or just about life on campus.

Mentoring program AStA Geisenheim