Committee for Teaching & Study

Committee for Teaching and Study

The Senate established the standing Senate Committee for Teaching and Study. It supports the Senate in its duties, receives matters for final consideration and has been given decision-making powers by the Senate. The committee consists of eleven members and is chaired by the Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs (without voting rights). The committee meetings are not public.

The tasks of the Committee are laid down in the university regulations:

  • Proposals for the establishment and withdrawal of study areas
  • Assignment of study programs to study areas
  • Enactment of examination regulations, enactment of study regulations
  • Election of the examination boards
  • Development proposals
  • Proposals for the allocation of apl professorships and the admission of scientific staff to the group of professors, in agreement with the Committee for Research and Development
  • Proposals for the establishment and cancellation of study programs and scientific and technical institutions in the field of teaching and study
  • Decision on working groups in the field of teaching and study
  • Regulation of the use of facilities for teaching and study within the framework of the user regulations
  • Proposal for the transfer of honorary professorships in agreement with the Committee for Research and Development



The Committee gives opinions on

  • target agreements with institutions of Hochschule Geisenheim University
  • target agreements with the HMWK
  • the Appeals Proposals of the Appeals Commissions


The Committee participates in

  • the election of the Vice-President of Teaching & Student Affairs
  • the election of heads of degree programs
  • the election of heads of study areas


Members of the Committee for Teaching & Study


The Committee is made up of eleven members: six Professors, two students, two members of the scientific staff and one administrative /technical member of staff. The heads of study areas are additional advisory members of the committee, unless they are among the elected members.


Term of office: 01.03.2020 - 28.02.2023



    Please contact me with any questions.


    Monika Waldbauer
    Monika Waldbauer, M.A.
    Building 5905
    Room 01.03
    Phone +49 6722 502 722
    Monika.Waldbauer(at) Details


    Meetings SoSe 2021

    23.03.2021 / 20.04.2021 / 11.05.2021 / 08.06.2021 / 29.06.2021
    2pm Weiterbildungsraum (Müller-Thurgau-Haus)

    Meetings WiSe 2021/2022

    19.10.2021 / 16.11.2021 / 14.12.2021 / 04.01.2022 / 25.01.2022
    2pm Weiterbildungsraum (Müller-Thurgau-Haus)


    Mirjam Hey
    Prof. Dr. Mirjam Hey
    Building 5910
    Room 00.05
    Phone +49 6722 502 736
    Mirjam.Hey(at) Details
    Randolf Kauer
    Prof. Dr. Randolf Kauer
    Building 6205
    Room 302
    Phone +49 6722 502 727
    Randolf.Kauer(at) Details
    Eckhard Jedicke
    Prof. Dr. Eckhard Jedicke
    Building 7100
    Room 01.05
    Phone +49 6722 502 760
    Eckhard.Jedicke(at) Details
    Simone Loos-Theisen
    Prof. Dr. Simone Loos-Theisen
    Building 6601
    Room Erdgeschoss
    Phone +49 6722 502 789
    Simone.LoosTheisen(at) Details
    Manfred Stoll
    Prof. Dr. Manfred Stoll
    Building 6205
    Room 302
    Phone über +49 6722 502 141
    Manfred.Stoll(at) Details
    Frank Will
    Prof. Dr. Frank Will
    Building 6120
    Room 00.66
    Phone +49 6722 502 313
    Frank.Will(at) Details

    Scientific Staff:

    Ruth Lehnart
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ruth Lehnart
    Building 6120
    Room 00.47
    Phone +49 6722 502 782
    Ruth.Lehnart(at) Details
    Alexander Peters
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Alexander Peters, M.H.Edu
    Building 6701
    Room 104
    Phone +49 6722 502 772
    Alexander.Peters(at) Details

    Administrative /Technical Staff:

    Daniela Archontas-Fadl
    Daniela Archontas-Fadl, M.A.
    Building 5905
    Room 00.10
    Phone +49 6722 502 705
    Daniela.ArchontasFadl(at) Details

    Student Committee Members (Term of Office: 15.04.2020 bis 14.04.2021):

    • Torben Kock

    • Sandra Eder

    • Lisa Bair (deputy member)

    • Jule Schlimmer (deputy member)

    Advisory Members and Guests:

    • Dipl.-Ing. Agr. Eike Kaim
    • Prof. Dr. Bianca May
    • Dr. Christian von Wallbrunn