Support Services & Representatives

Representative for Employees with Disabilities

Who we are

We are committed to the integration of people with disabilities and to prevention. For many years now, we have been following the path of constructive cooperation and have been successful in most cases.


    Our main areas of work

    Our main areas of work


    • Participation and advice in job recruitment procedures
    • Advice and support in the workplace
    • Assistance with reintegration into the workplace after illness or rehabilitation
    • Planning and implementation of integration projects at the university


    • Workplace assessment, workplace organization and "disability-friendly" redesign
    • Assistance in working life
    • Participation in committees and working groups
    • Advice and cooperation
    • Accessibility in all construction projects, infrastructure and organizational processes


    • Recognition of disabilities (advice on application processes, appeal proceedings, disability pass, compensations for disadvantages)
    • Information on internal and external support services
    • Referral to external service centers for advice and support.

    Contact person

    Petra Horlaville
    Petra Horlaville
    Building 5902
    Room Container neben Aula
    Phone +49 6722 502 629
    Petra.Horlaville(at) Details


    Markus Diehl
    Dipl.-Verwaltungsw. Markus Diehl, MPA
    Building 9006
    Room 1 OG links
    Phone +49 6722 502 621
    Markus.Diehl(at) Details
    Iris Wewer
    Iris Wewer
    Building 5800
    Room K6
    Phone +49 6722 502 395
    Iris.Wewer(at) Details
    Markus Templin
    Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Markus Templin
    Building 1005
    Room 02
    Phone +49 6722 502 2541
    Markus.Templin(at) Details