StuPa – Student Parliament

What is the StuPa?

The student parliament (StuPa) is the highest committee of the student representation. As the name lets on, the StuPa represents YOUR interests. Therefore, you can turn to the StuPa whenever there are questions, problems or ideas that would help the student body to improve.

The 15-headed StuPa is elected annually and meets regularly during the semester. During those monthly meetings any student matters are being listened to and discussed. Every student is welcome to attend and participate during meetings. 

Furthermore, the StuPa is the responsible organ to appoint the AStA, the general student committee.

contact: stupa(at)



21.-23.01.2020 from 10am - 2pm in the main campus building.


The current 7th Student Parliament
  • President: Hannes Wolf
  • Vice president: Alexandra Köhler
  • Torben Kock
  • Vivien Holzmann
  • Sebastian Hauber
  • Jonas Hirn
  • Alice Sayn-Wittgenstein
  • Phuc Le
  • Nara von Storch
  • Felix Graß
  • Maria Deckers
  • Friedericke Duhme
  • Henri Kloppisch
  • Tim Anhäusser
  • Friedericke Ammon

Election Committee

The election committee organises the elections of the student parliament and the senate in the name of the student body. The elections tend to take place during January and February, while the candidacies are announced as early as October/November. 


Representatives of the Election Committee 2019/2020

  • Hannes Wolf
  • Maria Deckers
  • Pascal Gerhäusser

Sustainability Committee

Founded this winter semester, the committee's goal is to push  and support questions of sustainability from  the student body. Hereby, a broad interest and involvement of the student body is required. 

Representatives of the Sustainability Committee 2019/2020:

  •  Friederike Duhme
  •  Henri Kloppisch
  • Sebastian Hauber

Audit Committee

This committee's responsibility is the audit of the students' finances. Special consideration is placed on the correctness of the AStA bookkeeping and if funds are used for the sole benefit of the student body. The audit takes place semi-annually.

Representatives of the audit committee 2019/2020

  • Vivien Holzmann
  • Felix Graß
  • Jonas Hirn
  • Tim Anhäusser

Protocols of StuPa Meetings