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TBA | Constituent session of the 11th StuPa



StuPa Elections

16.-18.01.2023 | Elections for 11th StuPa and the Senate



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You have suggestions for improvement? Tell us about your problem in the next session and we will help you. Just fill out the application and send it to us by email. See you at the next meeting!



Elections for the 11th StuPa are taking place right now! From the 16th until the 18th of January you can vote for your favorite candidates via the POLYAS-system. You can find the instructions and the voting link from your email!

See the introductions of the candidates running for the next StuPa from the attachment. 

Remember to vote during 16.-18.01.2023!

What is the StuPa?

The Student Parliament (StuPa) is the highest panel of the student representation, the decision-making institute of the student body. It decides on all fundamental matters.

As the name suggests, the StuPa represents your interests! Therefore, you can always contact the StuPa, which will gladly take care of your problem, your question or your idea. The StuPa consists of 7 to 15 members and is elected annually in the winter semester. During the semesters, the StuPa meets regularly to listen to and discuss your concerns and those of your fellow students in order to implement or forward them.

The tasks of the StuPa are determined by the regulations of the Hessian Higher Education Act as well as by the statutes of the student body.

These are the tasks of the StuPa:

  • Enacting, amending and repealing the statutes and regulations of the student body
  • Enacting and reviewing the AStA (General Student Committee; see Audit Committee)
  • Deciding on the use of the student body's financial resources and adopting the budget
  • Determining the amount of the student body's contributions
  • Determine the purpose of use of surpluses from the annual financial statement
  • Discussing and approving/rejecting budget requests from students
  • Establishment of other committees and election and deselection of their members
  • Organizing its own elections (see Election Committee)
  • Proposal of student representatives for the administrative board of the Student Union
  • Promoting political and civic understanding among students by creating opportunities for them to become involved in university politics and to learn about and exercise their own democratic rights
  • To ensure that university life is free from xenophobia and racism


The current 10th student parliament


President: Wieland Kaldemeyer
Vice president: Jule Volk

Other members

Erik Bremser
Julia Rian Araujo Freitas
Finn Fröhlich
Anna Heinrich
Heinrich Ip
Liisa Muikku
Christine Netzhammer
Jule Schlimmer
Michelle Trojahn

Current topics we are working on


Download a guide for Sustainable living in and around Geisenheim!

Provided to you by the Sustainability-committee of the 10th StuPa!

Download: Sustainability Guide



The committee for traffic safety is working on the formation of two zebra crossings on Von-Lade-Street and on Rüdesheimer Street in order to make the road crossing around university safer for students.

Water fountains

We are determined to get water fountains to fill water bottles at various locations on campus.


Unverpaktladen - "Zero Waste"-store

We support the city in its efforts to establish a "zero waste"-store in Geisenheim, where items are sold with less packaging or without packaging. 


Language accessibility

We are working to make communication within the student body more accessible in English. This includes translating the website, the minutes of the meetings, as well as holding our meetings in English.



We have an Instagram page for the StuPa. Here we want to show you what we are currently planning and doing. 

Follow us to get the latest information: StuPa Instagram



Auditing committee

The Audit Committee reviews the handling of funds from the AStA every six months on the basis of the annual financial statement in the summer, as well as the interim report in the winter. The audit is carried out on a factual, economic and arithmetical level and mainly checks whether the accounting is correct and the use of funds is in the interests of the student body. The committee then prepares an audit report, which is presented to the StuPa and the university presidium. In addition, the committee makes a recommendation in the summer as to whether the actions of the AStA board members can be approved.

Members of the auditing committee 2022/23:

  • Erik Bremser
  • Finn Fröhlich
  • Michelle Trojahn
Election committee

The election committee conducts the StuPa elections on behalf of the student body. These elections usually take place in January/February, and the candidates are nominated in November.

Members of the election committee 2022/23:

  • Julia Freitas
  • Jule Schlimmer
  • Liisa Muikku
  • Christine Netzhammer
Sustainability committee

The sustainability committee addresses all aspects of sustainability – social, economic and environmental. The committee collects new ideas and implements them into action to improve the sustainability on the campus. The committee co-operates with different bodies, such as the Sustainability office of HGU and netzwerk n.

Members of the sustainability committee 2022/2023:

  • Anna Heinrich
  • Liisa Muikku
  • Jule Schlimmer
  • Jule Volk
Crosswalk committee

The crosswalk committee is working to get crosswalks on Von-Lade-Strasse and on Rüdesheimer Strasse. Other projects may follow.

Members of the Crosswalk committee 2022/2023:

  • Wieland Kaldemeyer
  • Julia Freitas
  • Finn Fröhlich
  • Anna Heinrich
  • Jule Volk
PR Committee

Public relations are important! Therefore, the PR committee deals with any communication about the work of the StuPa, e.g. Instagram and this website.

Members of the PR committee 2022/2023:

  • Finn Fröhlich
  • K. Heinrich Ip
  • Liisa Muikku
  • Jule Schlimmer
  • Jule Volk


Old Protocols

1st Student Parliament