Professorship for Horticultural Economics

Professorship for Horticultural Economics

For the team at the Professorship for Horticultural Economics, teaching and research focuses on human activity within horticultural value creation processes.  What does this mean?  Value and supply chains describe the process that a product undergoes from production right through to consumption.

Horticulture is concerned with the production and marketing of plant products for food and decorative applications.  From an economic point of view, because they are natural products, horticultural products present considerable challenges and require special considerations.

Humans play a critical role at all levels: as entrepreneurs, for example, especially in small and medium-sized family businesses, as employees of these businesses or as consumers and members of the public.

Kai Sparke
Prof. Dr. Kai Sparke
Building 5800
Room 1.1
Phone +49 6722 502 732
Kai.Sparke(at) Details
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