Professorship for Open-Space Development and Society

Professorship for Open-Space Development and Society

The research and teaching activities of the Professorship for Open-Space Development and Society address the challenges posed by urban open-space development on various levels of scale. We teach the theoretical principles and planning skills required for the design of dynamic public spaces. Particular attention is paid to the socio-cultural aspects of landscape architecture: its suitability for everyday use, the relationship between design and use, the needs of different user groups, acquisition and participation processes, as well as the issue of contemporary aesthetics.

Our research is social science-oriented and interdisciplinary. It addresses current issues in urban open-space development against the background of social change.

Constanze Petrow
Prof. Dr. Constanze Petrow
Building 6701
Room 112
Phone +49 6722 502 750
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Research on neighbourhood parks © Constanze A. Petrow
Excursion to Copenhagen © Constanze A. Petrow
Students presenting their design projects © Diether von Goddenthow
Excursion to Hamburg © Constanze A. Petrow