Department: Strategic University Development & Sustainability

What we do

The department's role is to define sustainability an overarching and profile-raising guiding principle for the university development process.

As part of Hesse’s higher education pact 2021–2025, the management of Hochschule Geisenheim University aims to establish consolidate sustainability as a guiding principle for the (further) development of the university – together with all university members and in all areas of university life. To this end, a holistic organizational development in the sense of a "Whole Institution Approach" is initiated. This means that the university not only aligns itself with the principles of sustainability in terms of content in research, teaching and transfer, but also in everyday university life with regard to all processes of university management/governance and operations.

In order to promote working together towards more sustainability for all university members of all five fields of activity – research, teaching, transfer, management/governance and operations – our department coordinates the activities of the Green Office ....

...we offer:

  • a central coordination and advisory plattform
    - on the topic of sustainability
    - for all university members

...our goals are:

  • to enable participation across the university and
  • to raise awareness for holistic sustainability.

Our Team

Head of department

Tabea Dietrich
Tabea Dietrich
Building 5901
Room 106
Phone +49 6722 502 2082
Tabea.Dietrich(at) Details


  • Head of department
  • Strategic university development:
    • developing and implementing a detailed sustainability concept for the entire university
  • Sustainability management
  • External networking:

Energy and biomass management

Georg Ardissone-Krauss
Georg Ardissone-Krauss, M.Sc.
Building 5901
Room 106
Phone +49 6722 502 2081
Georg.Ardissone(at) Details


  • Deputy head of department
  • Energy management
    • System design
    • Renewable energy generation
    • Change Agents
  • Biomass management
    • Compost
    • Composting workshop

Green Office

Vanessa Mark
Vanessa Mark, M.Sc.
Building 5901
Room 106
Phone +49 6722 502 2083
Vanessa.Mark(at) Details


  • Green Office
    • NachhalTisch (Round table for all topics regarding sustainability)
    • FairTrade-Committee
    • Azubi-Firma (Apprentices' company)
  • ESD training for teaching staff: Sustainability: Upskilling Lehre

nachhaltigkeits Rhein-Nahe-Allianz & Biomass management

Charlotte Rafalski
Charlotte Rafalski
Building 5901
Room 106
Phone +49 6722 502 2084
Charlotte.Rafalski(at) Details




  • Apprentice as administrative assistant

Student Assistant


  • Campus design
  • Heat adaptation


Degree program: Landscape architecture (M.Sc.)

With the Green Office since: 03.2023

Student Assistant


  • Coordinator: Student Assistants' activities
  • turning our Sustainability Concept into sustainable actions


Degree program: Social Work: Health, Social Law & Social Management

Degree: Horticulture (B.Sc.)

With the Green Office since: 04.2023

Student Assistant


  • Social Media
    • MyHGU
    • Instagram


Degree program: Horticulture (B.Sc.)

With the Green Office since: 10.2023

Student Assistant


  • Campus design
  • Heat adaptation
  • Soon: communicating our Sustainability Strategy


Degree program: Landscape architecture (M.Sc.)

With the Green Office since: 12.2023

Student Assistant

We want YOU! (f/m/d)!


pleas contact us via:

Possible Responsibilities

Organic Residue Management:

  • Support with compost production
  • Support with Bokashi production
  • Sample preparation

Energy Management:

  • Data acquisition and evaluation
  • Maintenance of sensors and measuring devices
  • Assistance and research on energy-related topics

Research project: Urban Tree Substrates

  • Support with the installation of sensors
  • Sampling on site, preparation and follow-up of sampling
  • Operation of a LIDAR scanner, processing of data sets


You would like to:

  • help make your university sustainable
  • work with technology and/or in composting

You bring:

  • initial experience with collecting and organizing data
  • good knowledge of common Office applications (especially Excel)
  • a conscientious, careful, reliable and independent working manner

We offer you:

  • objectively the best colleagues ever
  • flexible working hours (40 h/week)
  • 12,50 €/h (without BA-degree) /
    13,80 €/h (with BA-degree)