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Student self-adminstration

Student self-government – a cumbersy term, which is actually quite simple to explain.

We are students like you and want to make our time at Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences as beautiful as possible. Our motto From students to students, we take it seriously and introduce you to the different areas of work, our responsibilities and the Senate.

More detailed information on the individual areas and important documents can be found on the subpages.


The Studierenden Parlament (StuPa) is the highest body of the Student Council. As the name suggests, the StuPa represents your – indeed – your interests. Therefore, you can always contact the StuPa, which will take care of your problem, question or idea.

The 13 to 15-member StuPa is elected annually in the winter and meets regularly during the semester, where your concerns and the concerns of your fellow students are heard and discussed.

At the same time, the StuPa puts into effect the AStA, i. e. the General Student Committee.

Contact: stupa(at)

Stupa meetings

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The AStA  is part of the Student Self-Administration. With two general boards and the finance directors, he represents all students of the university. In addition, the board of directors appoint different departments, which represent all sorts of interests of the student body. A total of 15 – 20 students are involved in the AStA.

Our tasks are therefore very diverse. Whether AStA party, tastings, informative seminars, excursions – there is always something going on!



Brentanostr. 9, 65366 Geisenheim
E-Mail: asta(at)
Tel.: 06722 502 717

Student representatives in the Senate

The Senate is not part of the student self-government, but of the university’s self-government.

It is composed of the following:

  • nine members from the group of professors,
  • three members and three alternates of the student body
  • two members of the administrative-technical staff,
  • three members of the research staff.
  • The Senate advises and decides on matters of research, teaching and study.
Currently part of the senate
  • Sophie Römer
  • Sophie Reiher

Senate meetings

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Important Documents & Information

How are the members of AStA and StuPa paid?

How are the members of AStA and StuPa paid?

The following paragraph of the Financial Regulations of the Student Union states the remuneration of members (as of May 2020):

§13 Remuneration of office holders of the student body

  1. Officials of the AStA receive an hourly wage equal to the statutory minimum wage. By way of derogation, members of the AStA, who may be held legally liable, receive an hourly wage of € 10. 00 gross per hour. The monthly allowance may not exceed the maximum amount of a low-wage employment according to § 8 para. 1 no. 1 SGB IV.
  2. Members of the Student Parliament (StuPa) receive a lump sum of honorary office/compensation pursuant to § 3 No 26 a EStG, which may not exceed a total of €720 per calendar year. The expense allowance is set at € 9. 00 per hour and is paid at the end of the semester.
  3. All office holders of the student body must document and sign the hours they have worked in the course of their official duties in a record of hours. In addition, the hourly certificates of the office holders of the AStA must be signed by an AStA board, as well as the hourly certificates of the office holders of the StuPa by the President of the StuPa and submitted to the CFO.

For the complete financial regulations of the student body, see document below