Language Center

Language Center

Hochschule Geisenheim University's Language Center works closely with all the degree programs to provide a language training concept which complements the subject studied. The classes focus on the use of the language in the world of work, and also prepare students for possible internships abroad as well as for working abroad, or in an increasingly globalized German market, after graduation.

The Language Center offers 'preparation courses', from A1 (beginner) level, where students can prepare for their mandatory language modules by learning a new language or refreshing a rusty foreign language!

Registration for the 2-semester preparation courses is in StudIP at the beginning of winter semester.

For our international students, a knowledge of German is crucial and counts immeasurably towards a positive university experience in Germany. Our German Language Department offers German courses at all levels, from A1 beginners to C1, ensuring that our international students are given an optimal course for them. Resume writing and German culture is also taught.