Department of Pomology

Pomology - sustainable and productive!



The Department of Pomology is engaged in the study of berries, pomes and drupes.  Our primary objective is the translation of fundamental scientific findings into sustainable production.  Currently our main areas of activity are breeding and breeding research in apples, pears and the berry fruits redcurrants and gooseberries.  Based on our breeding work, we are conducting research into a new cultivation system for columnar apple varieties.  Other key areas are the water balance and irrigation of pomological crops and their yield physiology and quality formation, including those cultivated under cover. In the area of climate-induced changes in cultivation we investigate questions of dormancy in strawberries and spatial modelling of phenological phases such as the start of flowering.


Affiliated with the department is the Professorship for Tropical and Subtropical Crop Farming. Its work focuses heavily on sustainable cultivation systems in the world’s less developed regions.



Professorship for International Horticulture