Study Commission

Study Commission

The Study Commission is a special committee of the Senate which comes together once a semester to discuss submitted project proposals that aim to improve study conditions and the quality of teaching.

The Study Commission has twelve members: six students, two professors, two scientific staff members, and two administrative & technical staff members. A deputy must be appointed for each member. The commission is chaired by the Vice-President of Academic & Student Affairs and its members are appointed by the President’s Council with the consent of the Senate.

The term of office is 2 years (1 year for students) and starts with the winter semester 2021/22.

Further information as well as statutes and applications are available here.



    Alexandra Himmel
    Alexandra Himmel

    Application deadlines:

    January 15 for the summer semester and June 15 for the winter semester

    Chair (without voting rights)

    Mirjam Hey
    Prof. Dr. Mirjam Hey
    Building 5910
    Room 00.05
    Phone +49 6722 502 736
    Mirjam.Hey(at) Details


    Judith Kreyenschmidt
    Prof. Dr. Judith Kreyenschmidt
    Building 5903
    Room 110
    Phone +49 6722 502 452
    Judith.Kreyenschmidt(at) Details
    Randolf Kauer
    Prof. Dr. Randolf Kauer
    Building 6205
    Room 302
    Phone +49 6722 502 727
    Randolf.Kauer(at) Details


    Rainer Jung
    Prof. Dr. Rainer Jung
    Building 6201
    Room R229
    Phone +49 6722 502 177
    Rainer.Jung(at) Details
    Marianne Darbi
    Prof. Dr. Marianne Darbi
    Building 7100
    Room 00.02
    Phone +49 6722 502 651
    Marianne.Darbi(at) Details

    Scientific Staff

    Eike Kaim
    Dipl.-Ing. Agr. Eike Kaim
    Building 5903
    Room 04
    Phone +49 6722 502 384
    Eike.Kaim(at) Details
    Christof Steingaß
    Dr. Christof Steingaß


    Martin Reiss
    Dr. Martin Reiss
    Building 7100
    Room 01.03
    Phone +49 6722 502 654
    Martin.Reiss(at) Details
    Susanne Tittmann
    Dr. Susanne Tittmann
    Building 6205
    Room 210
    Phone über +49 6722 502 146
    Susanne.Tittmann(at) Details

    Administrative /Technical Staff

    Mathias Scheidweiler
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mathias Scheidweiler
    Building 6205
    Room 301
    Phone über +49 6722 502 726
    Mathias.Scheidweiler(at) Details
    Wilma Mattmüller-Schultz
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Wilma Mattmüller-Schultz
    Building 5800
    Room E13
    Phone +49 6722 502 731
    Wilma.Mattmueller-Schultz(at) Details


    Carolin Richardt
    Carolin Richardt, M.A.
    Building 9002
    Room 3
    Phone +49 6722 502 785
    Carolin.Richardt(at) Details
    Sabine Muth
    Sabine Muth
    Building 5911
    Room 2.10/2.11
    Phone +49 6722 502 262
    Sabine.Muth(at) Details

    Student Representatives

    • Voting member: Lennart Rühling (4th Semester IWW)
      Deputy: Moritz Juch (4th Semester IWW)

    • Voting member: Max Menne (2nd Semester GT)
      Deputy: Janick Boer (2nd Semester GT)

    • Voting member: Torben Kock (2nd Semester Master LMS)
      Deputy: Lotte Sebastian (2nd Semester WB)

    • Voting member: Max Retherath (1st Semester Master LMS)
      Deputy: Laurin Laier (4th Semester IWW)

    • Voting member: Elisabeth Neumann (2nd Semester LA)
      Deputy: Laura Kellner (2nd Semester LA)

    • Voting member: Judith Deka (6th Semester GB)
      Deputy: Moritz Museller (6th Semester GB)