Quick Guide: How to borrow books during Corona
  1. Search in our catalog for keywords or a book title
  2. Send an email with the title, shelf mark and author of the book you want to borrow to Auskunft-Bibliothek(at)

  3. As soon as you have received an answer from us, you can pick up the books. Make sure to check the current opening hours first.

Opening hours

The library is currently running in enhanced basic mode. You can pick up your preordered media from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 am to 03:00 pm.
Fri., 04.06.: closed
User cannot stay in the library for a prolonged time.

The library is closed on national holidays.

Enhanced basic operation - Open stacks still closed

Dear users,

we would like to give you partial access to the library again. Your protection is of course the top priority, which is why the library use has to be restricted.

We would still ask you to pre-order your media by email. Please provide the title, author and signature. You can pick up the media during our opening hours:

Mon -  Fri: 9 am – 3 pm

To return items, please use the return box at the front of the library.

You can use the students' printer for copies and printouts via USB stick.

You are required to wear a mask during your visit, and unfortunately a longer stay in the library or the use of workplaces and group rooms is not possible. The number of users who can access the library at the same time is limited to 8 people.

Of course, we are still available for questions and information via email, phone and WhatsApp.

Please help by keeping your distance and being considerate of others.

In short:

  • Opening times: Mon - Fri: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Please pay attention to mask requirement, distance rules and access restrictions
  • Please pre-order media by email (title, author, signature)
  • Media can be picked up at the loan desk
  • Printer can be used for copies and printouts via flash drive
  • Unfortunately, workplaces and group rooms cannot be used
  • For questions: phone, email, WhatsApp
Library for Beginners

Dear students,

everything is different this year, so to speak for the library - nevertheless we want your start here to be as easy as possible, therefore we summed up the most important information for you. We do our best in reacting fast to the most recent Corona updates. That is why many things change within a short period of time. To stay up to date please take your time to visit our homepage every now and then.

Opening hours

At the moment our opening hours change quite frequently since we are reacting to the Corona updates in time. Check out our homepage regularly to stay up to date.


You need a library account to borrow books from the library. Creating the account does not take up much time and, the only thing you need is your Student ID Card. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask the staff at the information desk.


Usually our book shelves are accessible to everyone. The books are sorted by topics for you to browse and be inspired. Unfortunately we cannot allow this under the given circumstances. You can borrow books nonetheless. Our OPAC (= the online catalogue of our library) contains all the titles of the library that are available. Try it by using a few keywords for topics you are interested in. If you come across a book you’d like to borrow with the title and shelf mark please send an e-mail to Auskunft-Bibliothek(at) We will get the book for you and will inform you via mail when you can pick it up.

Loan periods and overdue fine

Your loan period lasts for 4 weeks. If you need more time you can prolong 2 more times (for 4 weeks each) if the book has not been reserved by another user. It is important to remember renewing your books since we have to charge an overdue fine for expired loan periods. The fine is 3 € per book and  week.

Group rooms and working spaces

Unfortunately we cannot grand access to neither the group rooms nor the working spaces. As soon as we get any news you will be informed via our homepage. Nonetheless you have access to several working spaces across the campus. On our homepage you find a list with available working spaces.

Printing, scanning, copying

With your student card you can use the combined devices on different locations on the campus, including the library. The staff at the information desk will be glad to help you with putting money for printing or copying on your student card.  For that you need a German bank card since we cannot accept cash. Please use a flash drive/USB stick for printing documents with a larger data size. Documents with less data sizecan also be sent via mail to printme(at) Very important: Use your student mail address to send the documents.

eBooks and databases

eMedia comes in handy because you can use it anywhere. Not only did we license eBooks for you but also eJournals and databases. You can use most of them from home if you log in with your device to the VPN of Hochschule Geisenheim University. You will find installing instructions on the IT website.


You cannot only contact us via phone call or eMail but also via WhatsApp, where you can renew your books or ask us questions. In times like these we want to give you as many ways as possible to contact us without having to show up physically. Our number for WhatsApp is: 0171 10 27 571 .

How to use our online collection

In times like this, it becomes apparent how important it is to have location-independent access to information and knowledge. Of cause, we knew this even before Covid-19 and always set high value on our online collection. To make its usage easier for you we gathered a few tips:

1. Connect your private PC via VPN to the HGU network

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows you to connect your internet device to the university network even when you are not on campus. This is important because most of our licenses for e-resources  allow access via network connection. With VPN you can use those services from everywhere in the world. If you need help with your VPN connection, please contact the it-service.

2. Be aware of what you are searching for

Are you searching for independent or dependent literature? Independently published literature can stand for itself. Books are the best example for this. Dependently published literature is published in an other medium, like an article in a newspaper or a journal. There are e-versions of both kinds of literature and each one needs its own search strategy:

Independent Literature

You can search for e-magazines in the “Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibnliothek” (short ezb) (electronic newspaper library). Make sure that the Hochschule Geisenheim University-logo appears in the upper corner on the right. Only if it does, you will be able to see our licensed journals. If the logo is not there, go back to tip 1 and connect to the VPN. After that, you might need to delete your browsers cache. (By the way: Just underneath the logo, you can switch the sites layout to English.)

All our e-books can be found in our catalog. Use our new e-book button or use e-book as one of your search terms to get only e-books in your results.

Dependent literature

Our catalog only contains independent literature, so if you are searching for newspaper or journal articles you have to use databases.

In our database collection you will find a short info text to every database that tells you

  1. How you can access the database
  2. What kind of database it is
  3. What you can find in the database

Not all databases include the full text of the articles. Sometimes, you only get the bibliographic information, e.g. title, author, journal title, year and page numbers. With those you will be able to check in the ezb if we have access to the e-version of the journal and, if so, to download the article.

3. If you don’t know how to go on, ask for help

No one is born a master. That is why especially at the beginning you might need support from a professional. Even so you cannot come visiting us in the moment, we are still here to help you out if you need us. The best way to contact us is via e-Mail. That way, you can be sure that you question will be forwarded to the person who can help you best.

Library of Geisenheim University

The library provides a broad collection of scientific resources to students and scientists and researchers of Geisenheim University. Our collection matches their needs.

You can find all important information about library usage and literature research on our website. If there are remaining questions, feels free to adress our staff.

Interested externals are also welcome to the library.


You are now able to contact our renewal-service via WhatsApp:

+49 171 10 27 571

We will answer any questions you might have during our opening hours. Due to Organizational causes this process may take up to one workday.

As soon as your request is processed, we will delete all of your information. As a result, completed tasks can no longer be tracked.


  • WhatsApp encrypts your messages insufficiently. Due to this please only send us those informations that third party participants can read too.
  • For a more personal request please come to the loan desk, send us an E-Mail (Auskunft-Bibliothek(at) or call us ( +49 6722 502 261).
  • Please inform yourself about the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Service.
  • Only WhatsApp requests are answered via this mobile number. Voice messages, SMS, or phone calls are ignored.




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