Professorship for General Viticulture

Professorship for General Viticulture

This professorship combines research in plant physiology and applied viticulture with developing a distinctive teaching profile within the Bachelor and Master programs.

Our research activities are focused on vine-environment interaction.  In addition to physiology we conduct interdisciplinary research in the areas of component formation and product quality, climate change and resource management, in order to understand and refine vineyard management strategies and approaches.

In the field of precision viticulture and decision-making we use predominantly non-invasive, contactless sensing technologies, which monitor temporal dynamics, establish a spatial reference and are becoming increasingly automated.

We are also responsible for the organization and coordination of our teaching and trials activities.

Manfred Stoll
Prof. Dr. Manfred Stoll
Building 6205
Room 302
Phone über +49 6722 502 141
Manfred.Stoll(at) Details


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