Bingen and Rüdesheim form the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Rhine Gorge, which stretches over 67 km from Rüdesheim and Bingen to the mouth of the Moselle near Koblenz. The Federal Horticultural Show 2029 will find its home in the millennia-old cultural and natural landscape . It focuses on the uniqueness of the region in order to strengthen the identity of the Middle Rhine Valley. An important traffic artery and cultural connection to Europe developed here early on. The exchange of goods, ideas and knowledge has always been a motor for the region and lays the foundation for future developments .

The Federal Horticultural Show 2029 sees itself as a platform for a broad dialogue . In cooperation we look for potentials, resources and solutions to sustainably strengthen the developments in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. With the support of the Hessian Ministry for Science and Art, we are addressing regional challenges.

What is the collaboration about?

In cooperation with business, politics, initiatives and local actors, we want to initiate new projects and make existing ones visible. In addition to the Geisenheim University with its green disciplines, we have strong educational partners at our side from the universities in Bingen, Koblenz and the University of Koblenz. Mobility, ecology, water, open space and landscape, local development, demography, tourism, economy and education are the core topics of the cooperation. They are examined and rethought from different perspectives so that sustainable solutions can be developed in interdisciplinary cooperation.

Why get active now?

2029 is still a long time... Nevertheless, the university cooperation activities are already in full swing. They want to use innovative approaches to influence the development of the Federal Horticultural Show in advance and to support the entire Rhine Gorge. We use the opportunity to provide impetus and accompany regional developments through a variety of processes.

As early as 2019, our Institute for Landscape Planning and Nature Conservation - in close cooperation with the TH Bingen and the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences - provided impetus for the preservation and improvement of the environment and quality of life in the region with a comprehensive study on municipal climate adaptation. In 2021 and 2022, landscape architecture students examined the formative landscapes of the Middle Rhine Valley in several projects and developed progressive open space concepts and design proposals for the communities of Kaub and Bacharach.

In exciting follow-up projects, Hochschule Geisenheim University is looking for interdisciplinary solutions for the region and meaningful contributions to the Federal Horticultural Show 2029.

Your projects in the region?

Do you have any questions about our projects? Are you active in the region, part of an initiative or a municipal representative in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley and want to network? Do you have ideas for a contribution to sustainable development in the region? Are you looking for support in finding a strategy and form? In the university cooperation, we would like to get to know your ideas, develop them further and bring the right experts to the table with you.

Do not hesitate to contact us at Buga2029(at) . We look forward to your input.

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