University Didactics and eLearning

University Didactics and eLearning

All of the services provided by the Department of University Didactics and eLearning contribute to adapting the scope of our learning facilities to the requirements of tomorrow's working world and the heterogeneous needs of our students. By moving part of the learning content to digital units, lecturers and professors are able to provide more individualized attention to their students during on-campus lectures, answer open questions more explicitly, and explain difficult topics in greater detail.

With our focus on mobile devices, learning is possible anywhere, anytime!


Service Hours

If you need support or have any questions concerning e-learning or didactics, please feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to elearning(at) or hochschuldidaktik(at), or join our digital service hour: fridays 10 - 11 a.m. or by appointment

Range of Services

Qualification of Teaching Staff
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eLearning means much more than just using digital tools in your classes. With a good didactic concept, digital solutions can add to the quality of your teaching. However, you have to consider carefully which contents are suitable for asynchronous teaching and which ones can be best used for synchronous sessions - a well-balanced combination is the best way to go!

We make you fit for digital teaching by providing a whole range of workshops and training sessions. Learn more about our range of services on our training page.

Conducting E-Exams and Self-Assessments
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Computer-aided exams offer many advantages for students and teaching staff. From exams counting towards your final grade to playful quizzes to monitor your learning progress – there are so many options that can be easily adapted to your needs. Put pen and paper aside and create an exam setting in ILIAS, which is tailor-made to your ideas. We are happy to introduce you to the didactic and technical tricks to make it happen!



Design, Creation and Implementation of Digital Resources for Teaching and Studying
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We support you in the development of digital resources for teaching and learning - from the design to the creation and implementation of teaching units, for example on our ILIAS digital learning platform.

Online teaching modules, instructional videos, interactive papershows, podcasts or audio presentations - you can choose from a variety of helpful tools to create your own digital content.

Our team has recently been joined by two new content developers who will be happy to help you create educational content for your department or program. Please contact our team to request this type of service and we will create an implementation plan based on availability and resources.

In addition, our e-tutors are available to help you create and monitor your learning formats. They are technically qualified and trained in higher education didactics - for more information see e-tutor qualification.

Media-Didactic Advice for Your Classes
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Face-to-face classes, blended learning or digital teaching units - we provide support during the planning of your courses and advise you on the implementation of the best solutions for your teaching.  In order to adjust our learning processes to the needs of students to make sure that they can acquire skills and competences, we focus on the didactic concepts of constructive alignment, feedback and exams that accompany the learning process.




Head of Department

Carolin Richardt
Carolin Richardt, M.A.
Building 9002
Room 3
Phone +49 6722 502 785
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University Didactics

Yasmin Peters
Yasmin Peters, M.Sc.
Building 9002
Room 5
Phone +49 6722 502 484
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Design and Content Development

Viktoria Günter
Viktoria Günter, M.A.
Building 9002
Room 3
Phone +49 6722 502 783
Viktoria.Guenter(at) Details

University and Media Didactics

André Beem
André Beem, M.A.
Building 9002
Room 4
Phone +49 6722 502 485
Andre.Beem(at) Details

System Administration

Werner Karl
Werner Karl
Building 9002
Room 4
Phone +49 6722 502 483
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