Hochschule Geisenheim University

Teaching and studying at Hochschule Geisenheim University: Practice - Internationality - Diversity

As the first “new type” university, Hochschule Geisenheim University creates and uses synergies between education, practice and research in a unique way. Our students benefit from a high degree of interdisciplinarity and can choose their individual academic career according to their skills and future plans, via bachelor's degrees, master's degrees or PHD programs. Our university campus is situated in an area that boasts a unique cultural landscape and is only a short distance away from the Rhine-Main metropolitan region. Students learn and flourish in a positive teaching atmosphere supported by our service-oriented administrative employees.

Our approach is practice-oriented and we focus on competence development

Our bachelor's degree programs are practice-oriented and qualify students for a professional career directly after graduation. Science-based master's programs offer our students a wide range of career prospects, including a career in the science sector. We have strong ties to the business sector and institutions and we are working on relevant and future-oriented questions in our teaching and research projects. We want our students to become responsible individuals, therefore we focus not just on specialized knowledge, but also teach them essential key skills that promote and support personal development.

We stand for a modern learning and teaching culture

We support our students with the information and advice they need. Our priority is to offer degree programs that combine science-based content with modern teaching methods, including digital teaching. Our degree programs include a wide variety of modules that combine theory and practice. Students learn and work in well-equipped laboratories and gain essential experience through practice projects with partners from the business world and public sector. Our teaching focuses on development and improvement: as such, it promotes a distinctive feedback culture and critical reflection.

Internationality is our motto

We have a strong and comprehensive network of renowned partner universities and institutions worldwide. To prepare students for the global market, we support them when they wish to pursue a semester or an internship abroad to strengthen their intercultural and foreign language skills. Our teaching staff are international and the same applies to our students: international-oriented and English speaking programs attract students from over 50 countries, giving our campus an international feel.

We make diversity and social interaction a priority

A warm welcoming culture, friendliness and mutual respect are the values that characterize our interactions with one another and with our external partners. We are committed to equal opportunities: therefore, we value and welcome diversity and the potential it offers. We are committed to the values of a family-friendly university and to respectful communication. We are aware of the significance of sustainability, social issues and personal responsibility – we incorporate this knowledge directly into our teaching.

We are ‘Geisenheimers’

Hochschule Geisenheim University was founded in 1872 and we are proud of our tradition of teaching and research and our long-standing close connection between students and lecturers. Our commitment to promoting responsible behavior in social and professional contexts motivates our students to do their best – as students and as members of society. We honor outstanding achievements and motivate employees and students to pursue lifelong learning. These values also translate into close bonds with our alumni.

(Senate resolution of October 10, 2018)