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Research Projects

Project start: 01.07.2021
Project end: 31.12.2023
Sponsor: Alexander v. Humboldt Stiftung

This project is being carried out within the framework of a Georg Forster Fellowship funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The aim of the research project is to apply quantitative 1H-NMR spectroscopy to the analysis of tropical fruits and products derived thereof. The focus is on fruits of commercial importance for Costa Rica, such as pineapple and papaya. Furthermore, hitherto little-used fruits such as the red-fleshed dragon fruit, guanabana, mangosteen and star fruit are being investigated. In particular, the influence of different processing conditions on nutritionally relevant ingredients is to be analysed, utilizing the oxygen-excluding novel spiral filter press.

Project start: 01.03.2020
Project end: 01.03.2022
Sponsor: European Commission, Federal Ministry of Education and Research

OPTIBERRY targets innovative processing and biorefinery/extraction concepts to food prototypes and (non)-food ingredients for sustainable use of berry biomass available, especially the non-premium fruit. The project will result high added value (non)-food applications to process or market the non-premium class fruit of raspberry, strawberry and blackberry (Figure 1). This valorisation will result in a more resilient berry supply chain, creating a secure and long-lasting sustainable relationship between the berry grower and its potential customers. Berries were chosen for their economic importance and local clustered availability. In Europe almost 2 million tons of berries are grown.However, more than 15% of these berries do not enter the fresh market because of quality reasons. Part of these non-premium fruit finds a destination in the industry but are sold at dumping prices. Economically relevant functionalities and bio-activities have been assigned to berry biomass. Most of the berry species are rich in broad set of functional molecules such as polyphenols. This provides multiple opportunities for the envisaged bio-based product development.

Project start: 01.10.2019
Project end: 31.12.2024
Sponsor: German Research Foundation

In the course of this research project, an ultra-high performance liquid chromatography system interfaced with a high resolution QTOF coupled ion mobility mass spectrometer has been installed. Main tasks of the new system are the comprehensive characterization of technologically, nutritionally, and regulatorily relevant plant compounds, residues and contaminants in plant materials, foods and beverages as well as by-products of the food and agricultural industry.

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