Simone Loos-Theisen

Prof. Dr. Simone Loos-Theisen

Function: Deputy Head of Department
Organizational Unit(s):Department of Food SafetyProfessorship for Food Safety
Committees: Senate
Assignment: pre-study work experience advice
Phone: +49 6722 502 789
eMail: Simone.LoosTheisen(at)
Postal Address:Von-Lade-Straße 1
D-65366 Geisenheim
Address: Building 6601
Room Erdgeschoss
Rüdesheimerstraße 28
65366 Geisenheim

Simone Loos-Theisen studied biology with focus on microbiology and some semesters mathematics at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz. After her diploma thesis on the resistance of nisin of lactic acid bacteria in 1996. She completed her PhD from the Saarland University in 1999 with a study about a yeast toxin that acts as an antimycotic agent or fungicide. From 2005 to 2010 she was employed at the Dr. Elhardt GmbH School of Chemistry, Munich. After that followed activities at the „Gymnasium am Römerkastell“, Bad Kreuznach, and at the „Bischöflichen Willigis-Gymnasium“, Mainz for two years, respectively. At the same time, she was a lecturer at the universities of applied science in Weihenstephan and Bingen. Since 2013 she is an entrepreneur of an agricultural company. Since 2015 Simone Loos-Theisen is working at Geisenheim University and since 2016 she is holding a professorship for food safety.