The Geisenheim Yeast Finder

The Geisenheim Yeast Finder

Dear user of dried pure yeast cultures,

You have certainly asked yourself which yeast strain to use for the fermentation of a given must.

The technical data sheets of the different suppliers often only give poor information about the fermentation conditions under which a given strain can unfold its possitive properties.

After several talks with yeast producers and distributors, we were finally able to gather user relevant information of some strains on the German market, now put at your disposal.

You can find an electronic "Yeast Finder" under: After giving some information about the must to be fermented and the fermentation method intended to be used, this tool selects automatically suitable yeast strains, which are listed according to decreasing suitability.

Remark: all data are based on the indications made by the different producers/distributors, for which the department of Microbiology and Biochemistry does not assume any liability.

Producers and distributors, already listed in the Yeast Finder, in alphabetical order:

  • Anchor Yeast / C. Schließmann Schwäbisch Hall 
    Brand: Anchor yeasts
  • 2B FermControl GmbH Breisach
    Brand: ViniFerm
  • Eaton Langenlonsheim
    Brand: Siha collection
  • Erbslöh Geisenheim
    Brand: Hefix, Oenoferm collection, Littolevure
  • Institut Oenologique de Champagne / Leo Kübler GmbH Karlsruhe
    Brand: IOC collection
  • Laffort / mit Kikk GmbH (Föhren) and GS Schondelmaier (Emmendingen)
    Brand: Actiflore collection, Zymaflore collection
  • Lallemand / Eaton's Begerow Production Line Langenlonsheim
    Brand: Enoferm-collection, Lalvin collection, Uvaferm collection
  • Martin Vialatte / OENOrieflin Vogtsburg
    Brand: Vitilevure collection
  • Oenobrands / Max F. Keller Mannheim
    Brand: Collection Cépage, Fermi collection
  • Oenofrance
    Brand: Levuline collection
  • RWA Raiffeisen
    Brand: Preziso collection
  • Sofralab
    Brand: SO., Vialatte Ferm, Selectys, SP
  • Zefüg GmbH Bingen
    Brand: Anaferm collection