Statute of Professor Müller-Thurgau-Award


1. The botanist, biologist, phytopathologist, grower and educator Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Müller-Thurgau (1850 – 1927) was the first leader of the plant physiological experimental institute in Geisenheim.  In this periond of time and during his later on occupation as founder and leader of the experimental institute for wine-, fruit- and horticulture in Wädenswil (Switzerland) he offered human impulses and he accomplished scientific efforts reaching far beyond his time. 

On the occasion of its 75 year existance since 1969 the VEG remembers this man in a present time when a continuation and progression of research and study in Geisenheim is considered to be in doubt, thus threatening the "Geisenheimer tradition".

In awareness of its obligation the VEG decided on the foundation of

"Geisenheimer Professor Müller-Thurgau-Award"
2.The Professor Müller-Thurgau award is awarded to personalities in gratitude and appreciation for  personalities who for many years have shown special effort for the Hessian research institute for wine,- fruit and horticulture (school of engineering) in Geisenheim, specially by maintaining and supporting study and research, respectively terms of students concern.

3. The price can be awarded once a year, respectively on occasion of the annual conference of VEG, first-time in the year of 1972,
4. The award is effected by an advisory board, consisting of the board of VEG, the director of the research institute, the president of the university of applied science in Wiesbbaden and both leaders of the departments horticulture and landscape conservation, as well as viticulture and beverage engineering.  

Proposals for the awarding must be refered to the president of VEG in written form and justification.

A simple majority is needed for the decision making in advisory board. It has a quorum when 2/3 of the members have voted. Members of the advisory board are excluded from the award.

5. The decision of the advisory board cannot be appealed against.

6. A variation of this statute can only be decided on by a majority of 2/3 by the general assembly of VEG.

Decided on the occasion of annual general assembly in September 2004



Wolfgang  Lutz
1st chairman

Robert Lönarz
General manager