Fabian Mengel, M.Sc.
Fabian Mengel

Fabian Mengel, M.Sc.

Postal Address:Von-Lade-Straße 1
D-65366 Geisenheim

Following his studies in Viticulture and Oenology (B.Sc.) in Geisenheim, Fabian Mengel worked for different wineries, partially in consultancy positions. Later on, he completed a Master’s degree in Business Administration (M.Sc.) in Mainz. During his studies, he was employed at a management consultancy agency and worked on different projects for companies in the wine sector. Since April 2019, Fabian Mengel is a Research Associate and Ph.D. Candidate at the Professorship for Business Operations of Prof. Dr. Andreas Kurth. The focus of his activities in research and teaching is Management Accounting in wineries. Fabian Mengel is head of the project Geisenheimer Analysis of Costs and Margins.