Student Feedback Management

Something wrong? Please talk to us!

Questions  |  ideas  |  positive feedback  |  criticism – we value your feedback

Are you uncertain who to address with your question? Do you have an idea you think we should implement or would you like to praise the university? Are you annoyed and would like to criticize the university?

Whether you are already studying here, you’re interested in studying or you are a graduate of our university; we look into each individual issue and attempt to find a solution that is satisfactory for all involved. Our work is based on TRUST, DEPENDABILITY and a SOLUTION-ORIENTED approach.

How does it work?

  • you contact the feedback management team through the channels listed
  • we will discuss your issue and try to find a solution together
  • if necessary, we will then forward the issue, anonymously, to the relevant department
  • we will let you know as soon as a solution has been found
  • we will follow-up with you as to whether or not the solution is satisfactory or whether there are any outstanding issues

We look forward to receiving your feedback!


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