Student Feedback Management

Something wrong? Please talk to us!

Questions  |  ideas  |  positive feedback  |  criticism – we value your feedback

Not sure who to ask? Got a suggestion or a compliment for us? Are you upset and want to criticize the university?

Whether you're a current student, prospective student, or alumnus of our university, we'll look into each issue and try to find a solution that is satisfactory to all parties. Our work is based on TRUST, DEPENDABILITY and a SOLUTION-oriented approach.

How does it work?

  • you contact the feedback management team through the channels listed
  • we will discuss your issue and try to find a solution together
  • if necessary, we will then forward the issue, anonymously, to the relevant department
  • we will let you know as soon as a solution has been found
  • we will follow-up with you as to whether or not the solution is satisfactory or whether there are any outstanding issues

We look forward to receiving your feedback!