Digital Learning – Anytime, Anywhere!

Our world is in the middle of a digital transformation – not just since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. This transformation leads to new technologies, but also changes the requirements of academic teaching. 

Today's students will enter a labor market that requires flexibility, networking skills and media expertise: more and more team meetings, conferences, discussions and presentations will be organized online. Many companies will switch their technical instructions and trainings to a pure digital format that will be organized using Augmented and Virtual Reality. All of these technologies require special skills in the field of information technology.

In order to help you adapt to these new requirements, we provide interactive and collaborative learning formats and teach you how to use the different tools. 

Mobile learning is in the center of our attention because today's tools and technologies enable students to learn anytime and anywhere!

Systems You Will Come Across in Online Teaching

Digital Learning Resources in ILIAS

ILIAS is our digital learning space. It is an open source platform used by many universities to support digital learning. Unlike Stud.IP, which is used for static documents (such as PDF, Word Documents, etc.), ILIAS is meant to support interactive and collaborative learning, for instance with online courses, interactive tests, tutorials, educational videos, blogs, forums, etc.


Courses in Stud.IP

Stud.IP is the campus management system of Hochschule Geisenheim University. All of your courses are created and organized here.

Please always register your courses in Stud.IP so that you won't miss any information. In addition, you will find documents (PDF and presentations) here as well as access to the online seminars in the meeting tool BigBlueButton (BBB).


Online Teaching with BBB

Online seminars at our university are usually hosted in BigBlueButton (BBB). Depending on whether there are external participants or not, access to the seminar is either organized via our Greenlight system or directly via Stud.IP. Your lecturers will give you more information how the seminar is organized.



E-Portfolios with Mahara

Mahara is an open source tool for creating e-portfolios, i.e. a collection of different digital working materials.

E-portfolios help students to document, review and present their learning process, thus promoting personal and methodological competencies. In addition, Mahara can also be used as a weblog, social networking system, a personal repository of files and information, or to create resumes. The content created can either be submitted on time as proof of achievement or shared with selected individuals and groups.

Link to HGU's Mahara server.

Watch our short tutorials to help you get started with Mahara.

Learning Plants with PLANTY2Learn

PLANTY2Learn is a browser-based learning platform that enables students to study the taxonomy and characteristics of plants, irrespective of time and place. Fact sheets and audio recordings show users the most important characteristics necessary for plant identification. In addition, the platform provides useful background knowledge and offers self-tests to check your knowledge. A comprehensive glossary provides technical terminology.

PLANTY2Learn: https://planty.hs-gm.de


Systems for Cooperation and Networking

Collaborative Text Editing

If you wish to work on a text with a group of students, we recommend the online text editor "Etherpad Lite" (open source).

After a new "Pad" has been created, it can be send via a link to all those involved in the project. From this moment on, all project members can work on the text simultaneously. In addition, they also have the possibility to use the "Live Chat" function. The Pads are not available to the public, therefore they cannot be indexed by search engines. 

Please keep in mind that inactive Pads are deleted automatically after 30 days.


Get to Know Our Campus and the City of Geisenheim

Digital Tours with Actionbound

An innovative way to get to know our campus and the city of Geisenheim!

In addition to our campus tour called "Tour G-FÜHRT!" the eLearning Team is happy to offer to more interactive tours for HGU students:

The "HGU Ersti-Tour" gives new students the opportunity to get to know the most important places on campus by themselves.

In the second tour called "Studying in Geisenheim", we show you some places to live, tell you what Geisenheim has to offer for students, and introduce you to some interesting places for having a good time in Geisenheim.

Download the app "Actionbound" in the Play Store or App Store, search for "Geisenheim" and discover our new interactive tours!

  1. Studying in Geisenheim: https://actionbound.com/bound/lebeningeisenheim
  2. Tour for first-semesters: https://actionbound.com/bound/erstsemesterhgu(PLEASE NOTE: Due to ongoing and extensive campus reconstruction, the tour is not up to date. It will be updated after construction has been completed.)
  3. Campus tour for visitors: https://actionbound.com/bound/HGUBesuchertour(PLEASE NOTE: Due to ongoing and extensive campus reconstruction, the tour is not up to date. It will be updated after construction has been completed.)

Service Hours

If you need support or have any questions concerning e-learning, please feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail, or join our digital eLearning service hour: fridays 10 - 11 a.m.


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