Our mission statement

CULT is guided by these guidelines:


  •     We act as a national and international network.
  •     We conduct a professional discourse.
  •     We give impulses for change.
  •     We implement a dialogue-based knowledge transfer.
  •     We impart competences for action.
  •     We advise on the development of the cultural landscape.

What does this mean?

We act as a national and international network. CULT is a network that develops national and international cultural landscapes in a sustainable way. We act participatively on a local up to supra-regional level.

We engage in professional discourse. CULT offers a forum for goal-oriented discourse in respectful interaction with each other. Moderated events such as conferences and workshops serve this purpose with the aim of developing and publishing positions and recommendations for action.

We provide impulses for change. CULT links ideas and provides impulses for a just transformation and a livable and sustainable society. We develop concepts for multifunctional and sustainable cultural landscapes in research and implementation projects. According to the principle of the multi-gain strategy.

We promote a dialogue-based transfer of knowledge. CULT offers the opportunity to learn from each other in a mutual exchange of practical and theory-based knowledge, e.g. between political decision-makers and science. We make knowledge available in a target group-oriented and freely accessible way.

We impart competences for action. CULT provides support to its network to plan cultural landscapes with individual, social, natural and technological solutions. To this end, we encourage the handling of diversity and the ability to change perspectives.

We advise on the development of cultural landscapes. CULT connects science, politics, administration and civil society. We bundle scientific findings and make them accessible and usable for decision-making processes.

The CULT Mission