Professorship for Food Safety

Professorship for Food Safety

Ensuring food safety is in the center of the professorship’s teaching and research activities.

Our research projects are conducted in close cooperation with industry partners and focus on:

  • Developing analytical methods to detect the presence of allergens in the production and production control process to improve consumer safety. Our research focuses on improving the extraction of allergenic proteins and immunological detection methods (e.g. ELISA), especially from foods containing hazelnut, almond, peanut or gluten.
  • Producing various food products under pre-defined conditions
  • Developing innovative vegan/vegetarian or allergen-free products that are produced in a resource-efficient and environmental-friendly manner
  • Studies on technology and sensory analysis of baked goods, cheese cocoa, vegetable oils,  herbal and fruit infusion as well as cocoa, chocolate and tea
  • Studying the presence of harmful and pathogenic microorganism in food products to develop prevention strategies
  • Researching contaminants for quality assurance purposes
  • Molecular biological and protein analytical investigations as well as thermal analyses of raw materials and processed foods


Food Safety


[Translate to English:] Lebensmittelsicherheit
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