Professor Jürgen Wendland Appointed OIV Expert

The Professor of Microbiology and Biochemistry at Hochschule Geisenheim University was appointed as an expert for the Federal Republic of Germany in the MICRO - Microbiology - Group of the OIV, the International Organization of Vine and Wine, in December 2019. In this capacity, he is responsible for representing the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany in the context of the work undertaken by the German delegation to the OIV.

The OIV currently has 47 member states from five continents, accounting for 85 percent of total wine production worldwide. Its principal purpose is to create internationally harmonized and recognized standards for the production of viticultural products. The opinions of experts are taken into account in the decision-making process. "The fact that Geisenheim is now part of the Microbiology Group reflects how well its role is recognized throughout the wine industry," said Wendland.