Prof. Dr. Kai Velten
Kai Velten

Prof. Dr. Kai Velten

Function: Head of Institute
Organizational Unit(s):Department of Modeling & Systems AnalysisProfessorship for Mathematics, Statistics, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation

Phone: +49 6722 502 734
eMail: Kai.Velten(at)
Postal Address:Von-Lade-Straße 1
D-65366 Geisenheim
Address: Building 6101
Room 01.11
Von-Lade-Straße 1
65366 Geisenheim
Research Projects

Project start: 01.05.2017
Project end: 30.04.2021
Sponsor: Hessen State Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts

Strengthening the research in the HGU's profile topics requires the establishment of Bioinformatics / Applied Statistics (BiaS) at the HGU. The BiaS research area is a cross-sectional science addressing the collection, analysis and storage of data as a key discipline across all subject areas. Its goal is to develop methods and tools to translate vast amounts of data into information and knowledge. It thus contributes significantly to the systems analysis of complex biological, technical, biotechnological and crop cultivation systems and their integration.