Geisenheimer in 1:30

Geisenheimer in 1:30

Geisenheimer in 1:30
Eduard von Lade as trailer figure in the Media-Series "Geisenheimer in 1:30" - design, PPS Studios GmbH / Ffm


In cooperation with the students of the media project we were able to conduct an interesting and exciting project. Using a new, social-media-compatible format, we held 90-second interviews. Thank you to all involved!


Project leader: Robert Lönarz

Trailer design: PPS Studios GmbH, Frankfurt am Main


Geisenheimer in 1:30 - Christof Heil


Geisenheimer media project, WS2014/15


Geisenheim alumnus Christoph Heil about the production of apple cider

Kelterei Heil OHG
An den Obstwiesen 2
35789 Laubuseschbach

Geisenheimer in 1:30 - Bernhard Degünther


Geisenheimer media project, Jessica Wiltzer


Geisenheim alumnus Bernhard Degünther works as winemaking consulant and energy consultant in the vinification department at DLR Oppenheim (state winery).

Geisenheimer in 1:30 - Franziska Zobel


Geisenheim media project, Angela Diermeyer ,WS 2014/2015


Geisenheim alumnus Franziska Zobel, Kloster Pforta - model winery estate for viticulture in the Saale-Unstrut region.

The rural winery Kloster Pforta reflects in its history the course of history over centuries. Nowadays the winery belongs to the federal state Sachsen-Anhalt and is a model winery in the wine-growing region of Saale-Unstrut, the most northern wine-growing region in Germany.