ERDF - European Regional Development Fund

Profitability and Ecological Sustainability of Wineries: Analysis and Digital Knowledge Transfer

The project involves the acquisition of knowledge-based results on sustainable economic and ecological success of wineries as well as innovatively conveying these results to various groups of interest within the wine industry, such as instructors and universities, associations, consultants and politicians, through an online platform.

Based on the results of the Geisenheim business analysis, the profitability evaluation is to be innovatively enhanced, in order to adapt to current industry conditions along with scientific and technological progress. In this context, benchmarks of economic success will be presented for different types of ecological sustainability.

The project combines analysing profitability and ecological sustainability of wineries in the form of annotated graphic reports. An innovative economic-index, based on anonymous sales data provided by ERP software, is being developed. An interactive data portal allows various groups of interest user-friendly access to the results.



This project pursues three core objectives for the wine industry:

1) Economic sustainability: New knowledge-based graphical and annotated evaluations as a benchmark for wineries in addition to an up-to-date economic-index are being developed.

2) Ecological sustainability: How can ecologically sustainable wineries be more economically successful? To answer this question, indicators of ecological and economical sustainability are combined.

3) The results will be made available to businesses and the industry in general over an online portal.


Timeframe: 1.11.2019 until 30.04.2023

Project staff:


This project is funded by:

  • European Union, European Regional Development Fund, investing in the future
  • Hessian Ministry of Science and Art (budget for innovation and structural development)
  • Hochschule Geisenheim University