Research Data Management (RDM)

Welcome to the Research Data Management Website

Research Data Management (RDM) includes all processes to adequately document, use, and publish research data and to keep them verifiable and reproducible. By actively promoting professionalization and standardization, these processes are designed to be efficient, and to effectively increase research performance. Therefore, RDM is not an end in itself, but rather aims to secure research data in the long term, and is considered an essential contribution to good scientific practice.

Research data is a unique source of knowledge and must be responsibly protected at all stages of the data life cycle in accordance with good scientific practice. It must also be kept accessible and reproducible to ensure the traceability of research results. Research data is a valuable asset. Many fields of research increasingly rely on digital research data. The amount of data is growing, and the ways to analyze it are multiplying.




What is the Purpose of Research Data Management?

Meet the Requirements of Research Funding Organizations
  • Research and external funding organizations, such as the German Research Foundation and Horizon 2020, are increasingly demanding RDM.
Enable Research Cooperation
  • ensure data accessibility
  • enable joint use of research data
Quality Management
  • ensure responsible use of data
  • improve research integrity
Avoid Data Loss
  • structured data storage
  • back-up strategy
Increase own Research Efficiency
  • Comprehensible data organization to ensure that data can be found easily
  • Accessibility and interoperability of data through documentation of data processing
  • Sustainability of the data due to possible (own) use at a later date
Enhance Visibility of Research Findings
  • Many funding agencies require that research data collected with public funds be made available to the public (open data).

This page provides information on events, services and interesting facts about research data management, the state initiative Hessische Forschungsdateninfrastrukturen (HeFDI) and how Hochschule Geisenheim University is involved in this initiative.