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project GeoSenSys
project GeoSenSys

Project period
2020 - 2023

Georeferenced sensor-based data management system for site-specific irrigation and fertilization of open field vegetables

By means of a GIS-supported web application, the user will be given recommendations for action, which support him in the site-specific N-fertilization and irrigation. Information on soil characteristics, C-N-dynamics, crop development and irrigation needs will be combined through intelligent control systems and visualized for user decisions as a browser-based web application. As a result, watering and N fertilization maps can be created for partial area so that they can respond to differentiated water and nutrient requirements.

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Jana Zinkernagel
Prof. Dr. Jana Zinkernagel
Building 1000
Room 102
Phone über +49 6722 502 511
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Samantha Rubo
Samantha Rubo, M.Sc.
Building 1000
Room 118
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