ProWein Media Summit 2019


Prof. Dr. Simone Loose - ProWein Business Report 2019

A Media Summit with strong international attendance took place in Geisenheim on November 21, 2019. The Summit featured the publication of the third ProWein Business Report on the special topic of climate change, prepared by Hochschule Geisenheim University. Over 30 journalists from 20 countries attended nine presentations by international speakers on the effects of climate change on the wine industry, as well as adaptation and sustainability strategies. Two Geisenheim professors Prof. Dr. Hans Reiner Schultz and Prof. Dr. Claudia Kammann kicked things off by addressing the causes and existential significance of climate change for humankind.


Moderated by: Prof. Dr. Simone Loose


Prof. Dr. Claudia Kammann - Climate Change: Facts, Challenges & first Results from the Geisenheim Vineyard FACE


Climate Change: Facts, Challenges & first Results from the Geisenheim Vineyard FACE (Into a CO2-enriched Future ….and back again?)

Professorship for Research into Climatic Effects on Special Crops

The Professorship for Research into Climatic Effects on Special Crops works mainly in the field of abiotic interactions in the "triangle of tension" between the impact and consequences of climate change, the development of adaptation strategies for sustainable and climate change-resilient agricultural ecosystems and the development of mitigation options, i.e. measures that lead to a net removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. We focus particularly on the effects of increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations on special crops and agricultural ecosystems (FACE experiments), on biogeochemical cycles and on the possibilities for reducing the emissions of stable greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide generated through the cultivation of special crops. This also includes research into unusual sources of GHG such as insect pests in the soil.


Dr. Lukas Egarter Vigl - Vineyard upslope shifts – a winning strategy for mountain viticulture?


The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano is located in one of the most fascinating European regions, at the crossroads between the German-speaking and Italian economies and cultures. 


Main Fields of Research

  • Agro-environmental Spatial Analysis
  • Modelling Ecosystem Services
  • Climate and Land Use Change


Keith Ulrich - Sustainable viticulture and greenhouse gas management with FAIR‘N GREEN

Dr. Keith Ulrich is the CEO of Athenga GmbH with extensive experience in the fields of sustainability, energy efficiency and logistics. Previously, he was the head of research and innovation management at Deutsche Post|DHL and developed, among others, GoGreen, the solution for climate neutral transport.

In his presentation Dr. Keith Ulrich addressed the role of climate change in viticulture and, in this context, the role of sustainability and climate neutrality.

Winegrower Jochen Schmitt from the Egon Schmitt winery talked to international journalists about his company's commitment to comprehensive sustainability and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Prof. Dr. Simone Loose

Egon Schmitt winery has been certified by Fair’n Green since 2014 and climate-neutral since 2016.


Hervé Hannin, INRA Montpellier


Dr. Hans Schultz, HS Geisenheim


Dr. Cristina Carlos, ADVID


Marcus Ihre, Systembolaget


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