Professor Müller-Thurgau-Award

The Professor Müller-Thurgau-Award


The Professor Müller-Thurgau-Award is awarded  by the VEG-Geisenheim Alumni Association e.V.  to people who have shown special efforts to maintain and support student affairs and research over a number of years at the Geisenheim Research Institute - now Hochschule Geisenheim University.

Dr. Hermann Müller - his life and work

"The botanist, biologist, phytopathologist, grower and teacher Prof. Dr. h.c. Hermann Müller (Thurgau)  was first director of the phytophysiological experimental institute in Geisenheim. During this time and in his later time as Founder and Head of the Federal Research Institute for Wine, Fruit and Horticulture in Wädenswil (Switzerland), he accomplished many scientific achievements."



Dipl-Ing. Robert Lönarz
VEG-Geisenheim Alumni Associtaion e.V.
- office -
65366 Geisenheim 


Award winner

Paul Meuer (2017)
former chairman of the board at Rheingauer Volksbank eG


"GEISENHEIM -  At the "Open Campus" Paul Meuer was honoured with the Müller-Thurgau-Award by the alumni association. According to the university the former chairman of Rheingauer Volksbank operated as connector between the scientific institution and the local winemakers.  In addition Meuer initiated the Rheingauer-Volksbank-Award for Bachelor-thesis on the subjects of viticulture and enology.


The first awarded person who is living in Müller-Thurgau-Weg.

Since 1972 the Vereinigung Ehemaliger Geisenheimer (VEG) awards personalities with the Professor-Müller-Thurgau-award who have taken special efforts to support the University of Geisenheim. The 28th award winner is the first living in Müller-Thurgau-Weg and who does not originate from this branch: Diploma banking business economist Paul Meuer. From 2007 until his retirement in 2017 he managed the Rheingauer Volksbank as chairman. On occasion of the annual general assembly in Müller-Thurgau-House VEG-president Robert Lönarz handed over a certificate as well as a crystal carafe to him. Before this, Klaus Schaller, former director of the research institute, honoured Meuers merits.

On occasion of this meeting in Hermann Müller-Thurgau-house, who in 1882 breeded the vine bearing his name, professor Schaller emphasized the good election of the VEG. Born 1952 in Rüdesheim, Paul Meuer terminated his education as bank clerk in 1974 "excellent", direcly after passing the high-school diploma in Geisenheim and his military service in Lorch. Before and after his studies he conducted responsible tasks at Wiesbadener and Rheingauer Volksbank. During this time Meuer supported the university in many ways, Schaller pointed out that the interest of banking world was not very high before that time. The preserver of the region and identity at first supported research and student affairs while giving down-to-earth advice in financial matters. And in additon he curageously supported local trade of "Winzerbedarf". In addition he in 2007 initiated the Rheingauer Volksbank award of 1000,-- Euro for excellent final thesis.  By several examples Schaller explained how viticultre from breeding up to plant engineering was promoted in this way. This award enables lecturers to have finally real treasures and offers international access to alumnus. Schaller explained that Meuer guarantees this award even in his retirement "Volksbank guarantees that this award will continuously be rooted in the donation portfolio." Meuer returned compliments to Schaller and Lönarz.

"However, we initiated this award together, he stated and emphasized that the university distributes the brand Rheingau all over into the world". The effort in research and student affairs leads to excellent results in praxis. This is not only but mainly for the benefit of the wine - from which our region lives essentially. This interdependency was explained by Meuer.  He gave thanks in return to the university for a good, pleasant and intensive collaboration". He accepted the award in place of the numerous collaborators of the Volksbank" , extraction of Wiesbadener Kurier, 5.9.2017 by Christine Dressler