Botanist, biologist, phytopathologist, grower and educator

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Müller, Thurgau, (1850 – 1927)

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Hermann MÜLLER-THURGAU – Dr. Dr. h.c., Professor, botanist, biologist, phytopathologist, grower.

* 21.10.1850 in Tägerwilen (Switzerland);
† 18.1.1927 in Wädenswil (Switzerland).
1881: Marriage with Berta Biegen from Oestrich (Rheingau); 3 daughters.


Scientific studies in Zurich and Neuenburg. 
1874 promotion at Prof. Julius Sachs, university Würzburg.
1876–1890 leader of the plant physiological research institute in Geisenheim
1891 appointment for foundation and leardership of the German-Swiss experimental station and school  (todays research institute) for fruit-, wine- and horticulture in Wädenswil.
1892–1924 editor of the swiss magazine for fruit- and wine-growing
Cultivation of Müller-Thurgau-vine as crossing "Riesling x Sylvaner". Genetic analysis in the institute for vine cultivation at Geilweilerhof however have proven that this vine is a crossing of Riesling and Madeleine Royale.
Pioneering research results on the fields of physiology of the vine (i.e.biology of the blossom, assimilation processes as well as metabolic processes), vine diseases (i.e. downy mildew of grapevine, botrytis, botrytis bunch rot), influence on fermentation, biologic acid degradation, maldevelopment of the wine, cultivation of yeast with specific characteristics etc.. Development of methods for the production of non-alcoholic grape juices.