QSL Funds: Improving the Quality in Study and Teaching

What are QSL funds and how can I apply?

Each year, the university receives a special budget earmarked to improve study conditions and the quality of teaching (called QSL funds). All university members (teachers, staff members and students) who aim to pursue this goal through innovative, interdisciplinary or student projects can apply for these funds.

Following the recommendation of the Study Commission, the President's Council decides on the allocation of funds on a semester-by-semester basis.

Examples of QSL-funded Projects

Projects and Student Working Groups
  • Wall greening project ("AG Fassadenbegrünung")
  • Brew@Home - interactive brewery in the context of biochemical processes
  • HGU community garden
  • Candy and ice cream production project
  • Online student newspaper "Studi Zeitung"
  • AG Micro Greens
Projects to improve application-oriented and skill-based teaching
  • Vertical plants projects with vaious systems of vertical greening
  • University teaching and research garden
  • InnoTaste project
  • RheoChoc project
  • Bee keeping and honey production project
  • TreeSense project
Sustainability in Teaching & Sustainable Campus Development
  • Dentroecology project: trees as environmental indicators
  • Sustainable waste management on campus
  • Making the campus a sustainability hub
Supporting Interdisciplinary Teaching Formats
  • Interdisciplinary Summer School: Production and use of mediterranean shrubs in Pistoia (Italy)

How to apply

You can apply for QSL funds twice a year using the application form provided on this page. To make sure that funds can be allocated in a timely manner at the beginning of the semester, applications must be submitted to the Study Commission by January 15 or June 15 of each year.


Interim and Final Reports

QSL-funded projects are subject to reporting requirements, i.e. an interim report and a final report must be submitted.

The required form can be found on the right-hand side.