Advanced Training at Hochschule Geisenheim University

In-house Training

Microsoft Office Courses

HGU offers in-house courses for standard Microsoft Office applications. You may choose between full-day and half-day training sessions so that part-time employees also have the chance to attend.

  • For more detailed information on the course contents, please go to “downloads”
  • Courses are specified in the list of forthcoming events
  • Please note the individual registration deadlines!
  • The registration form with more detailed information is available in the „download” section

HR reserves the right to change the course subject if not enough people have registered to attend. This way, we would like to avoid cancellations and provide the chance to repeat preferred course contents or offer a new subjects.

For suggestions on Microsoft Office courses, please contact personalentwicklung(at)

English Language Courses

HGU offers free language courses for staff members. To register for a course, please complete the registration form which can be downloaded by clicking on the button below. The registration form must be signed by your supervisor. Language course take place on campus so that you can attend during your regular working hours.

English Basic User 1 - 3  (language level A1 - A2)
These courses do not build on each other. You may register for one or several courses. In order to give all staff members the opportunity to improve their language skills, we will try our best to make sure that everyone can attend at least one course.

English for your Workplace 1 - 5  (language level B1 - B2)
These courses do not build on each other. You may register for one or several courses. In order to give all staff members the opportunity to improve their language skills, we will try our best to make sure that everyone can attend at least one course.

Seminars offered by the AGWW Network

Target Group/ Registration Process

Target groups:

The program is designed for all universities that are part of the AGWW network: Hochschule Darmstadt, Ev. Hochschule Darmstadt, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Fulda, Hochschule Geisenheim University, Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen and Hochschule RheinMain.

The AGWW website provides an overview of all seminars and courses. To help you choose the right seminar, the target groups are specified with “Lehrende” (teaching staff), "Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter" (employees) and “Lehrbeauftragte” (adjunct instructors). In addition to the target group, the website offers additional information on the content of the seminar, such as “Hochschuldidaktik” (university didactics), “Führungskompetenz” (leadership skills), “Hochschulentwicklung” (university development), “Methodenkompetenz” (methodological skills) and “Sozialkompetenz” (social skills). For a better overview of course contents, each topic has a specific color indicated in the left column. Please note that some seminars may address more than one topic.


You may register approximately 8-10 weeks before the start of the seminar. After the course has been activated on the website, please register by clicking on the “Anmelden” (registration) button. HR Development will also send you regular emails with inviations and information on the registration process.

HR Development will receive a separate information about your registration, i.e. you do not have to inform them yourself.

Your registration must be submitted by the end of the registration period. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation of participation or cancellation from the respective university.

Please note that the number of participants is limited.

Seminar fees

The seminars are offered free of charge for staff members working at Hessian universities that are part of the AGWW network.

Seminar Program and Registration

The seminar program is available on the AGWW website. Please use the AGWW registration form to register for a seminar.




Courses offered by Zentrale Fortbildung Hessen (ZFH)

The ongoing modernization in the public administration has already led to profound changes in all Hessian authorities. Continuous  training and the personal development of all state employees plays a critical role in meeting these major challenges.

Courses and seminars offered by Zentralen Fortbildung aim to support state administration employees to perform their duties and responsibilities effectively. The practical, interdepartmental measures also serve to promote the exchange of experience between the various areas of work

The courses focus on supervisors at all management levels who supervise several employees or lead project groups or teams. The training courses are also aimed at junior staff who are likely to take on management functions in the foreseeable future. Supervisors are required to attend advanced training courses (see Training Concept 2028 for the Hessian State Administration”). Some seminars and courses also focus on staff members without management responsibilities

For employees of the State of Hesse without management responsibilities (higher or intermediate civil service or employees in comparable functions), the Zentrale Fortbildung  offers special seminars and workshops in cooperation with the Hessian Association of Administrative Schools (Hessischer Verwaltungsschulverband).

Please make sure to use the correct registration form - according to the target group:

  • Registration form (ZFH): for both target groups
  • Registration form (FKE): for target group "supervisors"
Registration and login data

Types of registration

On the training platform, there are three different ways to access a course

1. Guest access

You can access these courses with a guest key, i.e. you do not have to register. Please contact HR Development (email with information about the desired course): personalentwicklung(at) HR Development will send you the guest login data that you have to enter online to start the course.

2.  Courses that require prior registration  

For some courses you have to register in advance by using the registration form. You can download the registration form for independent study programs in the “Download” section (“Meldebogen Selbstlernprogramme”). Please complete the form and send it to personalentwicklung(at) ZFH will send you an email with the login data. After receiving the email from ZFH, please inform HR Development that you have received all information.

3. Registering for a face-to-face seminar or workshop

For some face-to-face seminars and workshop, ZFH provides additional course rooms on its training platform. You will receive the login data to access these rooms together with your seminar invitation or at the end of the seminar.

Please make sure to use the right registration form – depending on the target group:

  • Registration form (ZFH): for both target groups
  • Registration form (FKE): for supervisors
E-learning programs offered by ZFH

The e-learning programs available on the training platform of the Hessian state administration extend the courses and seminars offered by the ZFH. They give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge independent of time and place and at your own pace. You can decide for yourself when and where you want to use the programs and how fast you progress.

The learning programs are up-to-date and are generally available for an unlimited period. This means you can refresh your knowledge at any time and also use the programs for reference.


Please note the following requirements for using the e-learning programs

Technical requirements:

  • Internet access
  • Up-to-date browser (preferably Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome)
  • Accept cookies
  • Email (for some courses)

Learning environment:

The time required depends on the respective learning program. Each program includes an overview of the individual chapters and the scheduled time it will take to complete the chapter. However, the required amount of time depends on your personal learning conditions – if you have any previous knowledge, if you are a fast learner or not, or whether you want to repeat certain content.

What is important is that e-learning - unlike a classic classroom seminar - must be integrated into your daily work routine. Please schedule enough time for online courses, especially if you are required to complete a course and make sure that you are undisturbed to focus on the content.


Obligation to attend advanced training courses / certificate of attendance

At the end of the seminar you will receive a certificate of attendance specifying the duration and content of the course. The certificate serves as a proof that you have attended the course as required by the Training Concept 2018 for the Hessian State Administration (Official Gazette of the State of Hesse, No. 40/2017, pages 951-952).

Please note that you have to attend at least 75 % of the seminar to receive a certificate of attendance.

Training courses organized by other in-house or external providers, which have been accredited by Zentrale Fortbildung Hessen, will also be considered.

Other external training providers

If you have found a suitable training course from an external provider, just send an email (with the name of the provider, seminar titel and date) to and put your supervisor in CC so that we can contact him or her to discuss organizational questions (who covers the costs, etc.)

HR Development organizes the registration.

HR Development will be happy to find a suitable provider for you. Please send us an email with your requirements (subject of the course). We are not limited to the providers listed on these pages, which gives us greater flexibility to find the perfect training solution for you.