Eye-Tracking Study on the Beauty of Vineyard Scenery

Data collection as part of the eye-tracking study. ©KAdler

A research cooperation between the Department of Landscape Planning and Nature Conservation, the Department of Fresh Produce Logistics and the Institute of Landscape Planning of the Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic.


How do natural structures affect the beauty and recreational factor of wine-growing areas? To answer this question, Maximilian Tafel, Kristýna Kohoutková and Anne Kleih collected data for their eye-tracking study on February 13-17, 2023. Within the scope of the study, the eye movements of 32 subjects were tracked while they viewed nine images of wine-growing areas with varying levels of natural structures. The eye-tracking technology allows the researchers to see if the subjects focus their attention on the vineyards or the natural structures. To identify the influence on the individual’s perception of beauty and recreational value, the study was coupled with an online survey asking respondents to rate the beauty and relaxing effect of each landscape. The data is currently being analyzed and we are looking forward to the results.


The project is funded by the European Structural Funds