Now also available as web version!

Our students currently have the opportunity to test Citavi Web. This version of Citavi is especially beneficial for Mac and Linux users, as it is accessed through your web browser and works regardless of your operating system. To participate in the trial, register with your HGU email account. If you already have a Citavi user account, you can also log in to Citavi Web with it.

Reference Management with Citavi

A reference management software can help you with your scientific work:You can import references from catalogs and databases. This references can be systematicly archived and exported again.

You can structure your sources

It can help you with the knowledge organisation and with the creation of scientific texts.

The larger the literary part of your work (seminar thesis, bachelor's or master's thesis), the more valuable a reference management software is.

The Hochschule Geisenheim University licensed Citavi for its users.

The University offers training sessions for this program.

Duration:     ca. 60 min
Appointments: You can make individual appointments, also in groups.
Contact:  Marion Elzner (Marion.Elzner(at) and Stefanie Blum (Stefanie.Blum(at)

Download and license

Citavi can be downloaded and installed by everyone without registration or charge.
The Citavi free verion allows you to magage up to 100 references.

Download Citavi Free

Do you have to manage more than 100 references?
For students and staff of Geisenheim University we offer a licence for the Reference-Management-System Citiavi.
To recieve a licece key please create your citavi account with your - or ...@ - email address.

! Please note !

Citavi runs under Windows only. If you are using a Mac or Linux, you can use another reference management software.
An overview can be found here

Library settings

For an uncomplicated access to our databases and to find full texts more easily, we have prepared the appropriate settings in Citavi for you.

Download the settings file of the university Geisenheim and copy it to your Citavi installation.
Your personal settings will not be overwritten by this but complemented.

1. Download the zip file and unzip it.
2. Start Citavi.
3. Select the menue item 'Tools' and the command 'import or export settings'.
4. Select the Import option.
5. Click Browse to select the settings file and click Next.
6. Select the settings you want to transfer.
7. Click Finish.

Citavi - training, manual, support

On the Citavi webpage you can find a detailed manual, FAQs, a comprehensive forum and more:

First Steps

Citavi Manual

Citavi Support

We offer trainings:

Marion Elzner
Phone +49 6722 502 268

Stefanie Blum
Phone +49 6722 502 267

Your contact persons for Citavi

Marion Elzner
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Marion Elzner
Building 5911
Room 2.08
Phone +49 6722 502 268
Marion.Elzner(at) Details
Stefanie Blum
Dipl.-Online-Journalistin (FH) Stefanie Blum
Building 5911
Room 1.08/1.10
Phone +49 6722 502 269
Stefanie.Blum(at) Details