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BLE project "GSEHEN"

The development of the Geisenheim Irrigation Scheduling
The development of the Geisenheim Irrigation Scheduling

Project period
2016 - 2019

GSEHEN - Optimized usability and accessibility of a decision support system for irrigation scheduling of open field vegetable crops based on the Geisenheim Irrigation Scheduling

Within the project GSEHEN, the Department for Vegetable Crops of the Geisenheim University develops a practically applicable FOSS implementation of an irrigation decision support system based on the Geisenheim Irrigation Scheduling (GS). The major goals of this project are the theoretical quality assurance of GS parameters, and the formulation of prerequisites for a practically and scientifically sound implementation of GS in the software. The theoretical proof of GS parameters is lead via experiments using the eddy covariance technique. With this meteorological method possible differences between estimated and actually measured evapotranspiration of plant canopy in open field can be assessed.

For a sound software implementation of GS, the main tasks are the aggregation and publication of GS parameters in the form of an openly available online database as well as the documentation and implementation of the algorithms and parameters needed for software based realization of GS. The software and documentations will be publicized under an open source license. This is to guide and promote high-quality implementations of GS in any kind of software which match the general scientific claim. With this, the project GSEHEN secures the practical application and scientific foundation of GS for future operation.


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